Shooting your shot has been made synonymous with asking someone out. When I meant I shoot my shot, I meant I did something I wouldn’t have done on a normal day cos we all know I’m shy bee 🙈

Infusing hotel and restaurant review has been part of the plan of what goes on the blog right from the onset. 

So when I saw follow me on Instagram and I checked their page like I always do to most pages that piqued my interest. I had to go to their website to read up on Dme works and they are really good. 

Dining made easier (DME) style of writing is fictional. I love the fact they captured the details of the restaurant they review in such a descriptive way with nice pictures. I had to go back to Instagram to dm them and commend them for their good works. When I see something good, I can’t help but appreciate it. 

Gypsy’s restaurant

Immediately DME replied and was like they will like to work with a lifestyle blogger, my niche goes with theirs in a way. I was so happy. I was like eskis me sir, whoever you are, do you read minds lol.

This is the head start I needed to infuse restaurant reviews on the blog. 

We exchanged contact, talked and viola a collaboration was born. 

A background run on what Dme is about.  Dme meaning dining made easy is a website that provides all necessary information needed for an enjoyable outdoor dining experience in Lagos. 

Gypsy’s restaurant

So Dme sponsored me to help them experience a restaurant, then do a live video of the restaurant. It was my first time doing an Instagram live video, so yea, I jumped into the idea.

On this faithful Thursday, I got to visit Gypsy’s Indian restaurant at Ilupeju. To be honest, I was happy that I was going to experience a restaurant that was named out of the idea of “people traveling”, yes, “Gypsy” means; a group of travelers. I had a test that afternoon in school, and I almost canceled. Thankfully, I was able to finish my test early enough. 

I took Taxify; using Google map, myself and the driver were able to locate the address. 

Gypsy’s Restaurant & Bar is located at 

34a Gbolade Adebanjo St, Ilupeju 100252, Lagos. 

Getting to the restaurant, here were my observations:

This restaurant occupies the other half of a twin duplex, and since both the up floor and ground floor were covered with glasses, I was able to get a sneak view of inside of the restaurant from outside. Oh, boy! I was blown away! I have this weird attraction for see through the glass windows, it stems from my love for window shopping lol. 

I was able to get a sneak peak of the restaurant through the window glasses.  On this day, the restaurant was full of Middle Easterners, especially Indians. 

I’ve been to the Spar at ilupeju several times and I knew from going there the area is full of Indians. I wasn’t too surprised!

It’s obvious the founder saw the need for an Indian restaurant in that particular area. 

On entering the restaurant, the lobby has all this cool artwork on the wall and I was awed. I knew it’s going to be such a cool experience dining here just from the whole setting.  

Gypsy’s restaurant

Entering the main restaurant I was welcomed with a warm lovely smile from one of the waiters and I requested for a window seat. Lol, I’m see-through window glass obsessed.

While I was still waiting for the DME crew to join me, a young Indian lady, Priyanka, who’s the manager of the place walked up to me and we had a nice chat about ourselves and the restaurant, she confirmed my thoughts of the need for an Indian restaurant in that area coupled with the fact Gyps restaurant is one of the nice if not best (confirmed by me) restaurants in the whole of that area. She also mentioned their menu fitting the Nigerian tongue because most of their meal are spicy. 

Dme crew joined us while we were still talking and she offered to take us on a tour of the restaurant before heading out. You bet I jumped on it. That was the whole point of coming to the restaurant in the first place. 

To ensure the food will be ready after the tour, I placed my meal order which was the most common Indian foods. Tandoori Chicken, Gravy, Naans, Prawns and Rice. 

I whipped out my phone; taada, off to Instagram live video, we first went back outside to talk about their soon-to-launch patio which will be the smoking area for guests. This was a very nice and airy space with a little garden touch to it, pot flowers here and there, while inside was more chilled and cosy, and of course, no smoking inside.

We went back inside and I noticed a cocktail bar that could host about 5 people, sitting arrangements for about 5 or 7 people, nothing too cosy.

Gypsy’s restaurant

We went upstairs and I was wowed! Just after the stairs was this super cosy area with dim lights and romantic décor, and already set tables for two, no TVs upstairs to avoid distractions with intimacy, this was when she explained to me that this was the lovebird’s corner. It was really nice. The area was well suited to accommodate at least five pairs of lovebirds. I wished I went along with bae at this point. Romantic dining arrangements make me mushy 🙈

Gypsy’s restaurant

Just further into this cosy space was another dining hall for guest, it is called the Flamingos hall. Telling from the table settings, I could tell that it could perfectly fit for group dining and hosting banquets and buffet dining for special occasions. I just loved the feel of black and white checkered floors with wooden seats and brownish cream wall painting. It really gave this place the feel of a typical Indian home, at least telling from what I see on TV.

We went back downstairs after the tour and our food was ready, they came in like a feast! Who knew all these things we ordered will come in such large portions! Oh I might have guessed from watching lots of Zhee world 😆

Am I sure we’re going to finish this today? Tandoori Chicken, Mutton Masala, XO Sauce Prawns, Chicken Pot Rice and Chapman in that order. Oh my! I didn’t even know where to start from; I called myself a bush girl on live video lol because I was honestly confused on where to start from. 

I started from chicken pot rice and tandoori chicken, it was damn nice! I can’t really put into words how the whole food tasted lol but I ate and ate till I was filled up. I had to ask the waiter to pack the remaining food for me. 

Anyways I really enjoyed myself at Gypsy restaurant, it was a nice experience eating Indian food for the very first time and also doing instagram live for the very first time on Dme Instagram page. 

I shared my experience on DME blog in a more fun way; click HERE to read. Remember the style of writing is fictional!

I can’t share a budget break down of the meal because I was sponsored by Dme but you can see the full menu of Gypsy’s restaurant and any other restaurant in Lagos on Dme website.

Have you ever been to an Indian restaurant? What was your experience like? Kindly share below and if you’ve not; will you like to go?

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