Understanding the times of life in Adire Fabric is a topic dear to my heart because this is me baring my soul out here. You’all know I’m all for making an impact and inspiring you, I always find a lesson in my struggles.

Understanding the times of life in Adire fabric.

Understanding the times of life in Adire Fabric

I got the news I’ve been admitted to school to continue my degree recently, I was not happy for so many irrelevant reasons.

My class mates in high school who I saw their pictures serving and those done with youth service working in multinational companies was the first thing that flashed through my mind. For a moment I forgot to be happy, I forgot to be thankful. I forgot what is called “seasons of life”. I was just plainly ungrateful; not remembering the wars I’ve fought and won. I forgot about my success and achievements.

Like a popular quote says “comparison is the killer of joy”. Truly; it is. Instead of been happy, I was very angry and sad. Angry at who you may ask? Angry at myself; the educational system of the country, the slow pace of my life. Mind you, I have an NCE degree but I was still ungrateful. What about those who have none?

I got a knock on my head by my younger brother; I can’t remember exactly what he said, but that completely changed my attitude. Like hey girl; why are you such an ingrate. Can you count slowly to how your life has been great? Compare it with your classmates like you were doing.

I saw the difference; my tears; my joy; my achievements; my journey, my story, my experience, my faith, my growth. This things shaped me. We aren’t made of the same stuff. Half of them probably wouldn’t even survive what I’ve survived.

I know better it’s okay if my classmates are doing better than me, there are times and seasons of life. And I will always clap whenever I see them winning. I’m grateful to God for the opportunities He has given me. He’s forever my loving father.


Understanding the times of life in Adire Fabric

Understanding the times of life in Adire Fabric.

Now you might be wondering what Adire fabric (tie and dye) has to do with understanding the times of life apart from the fact I’m wearing an adire top. I’ve known about Adire fabric since I was a little girl; I’ve seen it on my grandmother who I grew up with like I mentioned HERE. The only style I knew Adire fabrics were sew with then are iro & buba (wrapper & top), top, dress etc.

While researching about Adire fabric yesterday, I found out on Bellaafricana’s blog Adire fabric can be made with other things apart from clothing material. They can be creatively made with books, throw pillows, wall art, lamp stands etc.

Now what changed about Adire fabric in due time? And is the change not tremendous? From been used to sew clothing materials to been used to make other cool stuffs.

Growth, discovery, art and development, that’s the great change.

Like Adire fabric, ones life should consist of growth, new discoveries, etc. We should always strive for growth and be grateful. The only thing to be worried about is no growth.

Obviously, going back to school to bang that degree is growth for me. I’m embracing my growth. What’s your growth? And how are you embracing it? (comment below)

To so many people out there, it might be job, marriage, school and so many other things, I want you to know it’s okay if you don’t have those things now. There are times and seasons of life. If you understand this, I bet you will live better with the believe everything will come in place in due time.  Trust your hustle and trust God. You should know God do not have a time constraint.

Ps: It’s day 3 of my of my 5 days blog post challenge, you can read day one HERE and day two HERE

Be here tomorrow and don’t forget to drop your comment, share and enjoy! Xoxo.

Understanding the Understanding the times of life in Adire Fabric.


Adire top from my trip to Abeokuta.

Jeans / shoes- Balogun market.

Basket bag from Bar beach market also known as lekki art & craft market.

Sun glasses from road side vendor.



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