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Pants| thrifted for #800, White shirt & wristwatch| Gift from IJGB friend, Sun glasses| Gift from a friend, Sandals| Arena market, Tote Bag & wig| Kaydee store, Earring| Thrifted for #300.

I know I’m digressing.Growing up, I lived with my grandmother who had my mom as her only child. It took a very long time for me to know my mum was her only child because we had lots of persons around the house and my grandmother never treated them like strangers.

My grandmother had a maid called aunty Bose. I never knew aunty Bose was our maid until I grew up. I loveaunty Bose and was really sad when she got married and left for her husband’s house. 

My grandmother treated aunty Bose like her daughter; she was sent to school, she had interest in fashion designing and she was sent to a fashion school. I could still even remember when she graduated from fashion school, it was an elaborate one. 

I was raised to treat people with upmost respect and love. Truth be told my grandmother is everything the proverbs 31 woman is. 

This article is inspired by the slave trade and a tweet I came across on twitter. I know lots of people who have maids in their house and immediately you see them, you’ll know that they are maids.

What we should all know is that no condition is permanentyour maid today can be the CEO of the company your children will work tomorrow. 

During summer some yeas ago, I stayed with someone who made my life a living hell and I was about 14years old then. I became their maid; I did the whole household work; she had a shop, I became their sales girl. I became nanny to her little child, though I love kids but they almost made me hate carrying people’s children. I was suppose to be there for the holiday and my mum was never in support of her children staying with someone but because I was really pushy, I pushed my mum to allow me spend my holiday in her friend’s house. That was the worst decision ever. Ever since then, I stopped staying with people who aren’t family. 

The way you treat people who can’t do anything for you, determines the kind of person you are.

Treat people right. You don’t know what that maid can become tomorrow neither do you know where you will be tomorrow. 

We should all learn to treat people with love and respect. 

My grandmother has imbibed so much discipline in me with the way she lived. It will be a great offense to her memory if I begin to treat people like trash. I want to be like that woman every single day of my life. I want people to see me and see Christlike characters. 

The experience I had staying with people would have made me feel like treating people the way I was once treated but looking at the life of people like my grandmotherand some wonderful souls I know who treated people working for them like their ownbegan to appreciate people more. 

The irony of life is that no matter what you do, where you are or wherever you go, you will always need people. 

The good my dad did in the past paved way for my sister while she was looking for an IT placement. The woman just heard my fathers name and gave my sister a job at a multinational company some of her mates were eyeing. 

I can’t begin to imagine what could have happened if my dad treated that woman badly. 

Even if it seems difficult, at all times, let’s endeavor to treat people the way we would like to be treated.

Pants|Thrifted for #800, White shirt & Wristwatch| Gift from my IJGB friend, Sunglasses| A gift from a friend, Wig| Kaydee store, Earring| Thrifted for #300.

PS:Should I take fashion blogging more serious? Especially slaying on a budget. I will like to know your thoughts. Please drop a comment and have a wonderful weekend. xoxo 


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