Omu resort is a place of endless fun especially for kids and family day hangout. I was part of hangout buddy the resort experience at Omu Resort on the 16th of June. I didn’t want to write about it because I was not able to complete all the activities at the resort. But I kept getting questions on my trip there and I decided to answer the questions in this blog post.

The Resort Experience at Omu Resort


I took over Wilsonsjuiceco Instagram story (you can view the story at the takeover highlight on Wilson’s page) during the tour as a representative of hangout buddy team and that got me really busy but I was still able to have fun because issa awa work oo lol.

The Resort Experience At Omu Resort

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Omu resort is located at Bogije Town, Almost opposite Lakowe Lakes Golf Course, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. Omu Resort is set in a rainforest environment. It allows quests experience and be inspired by the wonders of nature. The resort is open Monday to Saturday: 9.00a.m to 6.00pm and Sunday: 12noon to 6.00pm. There are quite a lot of things one can do at Omu resort for fun such as:

Things you can do at Omu Resort

  • Amusement Park: there are different rides for fun at Omu Resort such as hully gully dip, tilt a twirl, chair swing, space ship, pirate ship and many more. I was only able to go on the pirate ship and chair swing. The chair swing was such a thrilling ride I didn’t want it to stop. Have you ever been scared and excited at the same time? That’s exactly the way the pirate ship ride was to me.
The Resort Experience: Omu Resort
The thrilling and scary pirate ship ride.
  • Sea world: As seen on Omu Resort’s website “The seaworld is the first of its kind in Nigeria showcasing Nigeria’s rich possession of fish that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. And that is a fact. Some of the exhibits on display are Abadin, Longnose, Shortnose, Roundnose, Dolphin, Marble Knife, Whalenose, Electric fish, Africa lung fish, Feather back, Butterfly fish, African pike, Seven pointer, Blue diamond and more”.


  • Wax museum: According to Wikipedia, “Wax museum usually consists of a collection of wax sculptures representing famous people from history and contemporary personalities exhibited in life like poses, wearing real clothes”. I was not able to see the wax museum but I know there is one at Omu resort.
The Resort Experience: Omu Resort
Wax Sculpture:
Photocredit: Omu Resort
  • Archery: involves shooting arrows at a target for accuracy from a distance. I was part of the cheer leading parties for the buddies playing archery.


  • Mini golf: I didn’t go near the golf because I can’t  play golf, only good at cheering people on.


  • Wave pool:is a swimming pool with artificially generated large waves like that of an ocean. It was so painful I didn’t go with a swimming suite but it was a joy to see the kids playing and happy in water.


  • Paint balling: I was really looking forward to paintballing; it’s been on my bucketlist for long but Omu Resort didn’t open the arena for paintballing the day we went there. I don’t know about now.


  • Zoo: The resort has a big zoo with different animals like monkeys, snake, lion etc. We were opportuned to see a lion fed live. It was a scary experience for me the way the lion killed it’s prey.


  • Quad bike: I only took pictures, couldn’t quad bike because my ticket didn’t cover it.

The Resort Experience at Omu Resort

The Resort Experience at Omu Resort


  • Kayaking:It’s been on my list for so long to go kayaking and I was so happy to pay N500 to go on this thrilling experience at the resort. It was my first time kayaking and I was lost on what to do for the first few minutes but I got help from the boat guys and some of the buddies with me.

The Resort Experience at Omu Resort

There are still more activities you can do at Omu Resort. These are the few ones I noticed.


  • Foods and drinks are allowed but corkage will be charged (Corkage is the fee restaurants charge customers for bringing their own wine).
  • There are shops that sell drinks and food.
  • The resort is children friendly; with many fun activities for them to engage in.
  • Wear what you will be comfortable in; no heels please; unless you’re not going to play the thrilling games.
  • The access fee into the resort varies.
The Price list at Omu Resort.


The Resort Experience At Omu Resort
Don’t forget to grab some buddies on your adventures.
The Resort Experience At Omu Resort
Till next time lovies!

Thanks to Hangout Buddy for such a fun day and Streetshots for all the banging pictures.

Have you been to Omu Resort before? Which of the activities did you enjoy? If you’ve never been there, which of the activities do you look forward to? Please comment below. I will like to hear from you lovies.

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