The blog is One! Ten Lessons I have Learnt So Far. Whoop whoop who is excited? I am ooo. The blog clocked a year last month. Yaay! This post has been long overdue but I have been dealing with some issues I mentioned in my why I have not blogged in a month blog post. 

I even ran a blog anniversary giveaway on Instagram and a lovely  follower won a kayaking experience with Kampari tours.

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While I have dealt with and still dealing with some of the challenges I faced and still facing as a blogger; this blog has actually been a blessing in disguise. It gave me a platform to express the things that truly matter to me; and the things I am passionate about.

The blog is one! Ten lessons I have learnt so far.

It has been an amazing year of sharing; learning and enjoying the process. The blog is one! Ten lessons I have learnt so far:

  1. Do it afraid: starting this blog taught me how to do things afraid; I can remember vividly when I paid for my hosting plan and domain name; I was excited and scared at the same time. In fact for a month, I didn’t post anything; I have contents and ideas, I was just too afraid to start. The fear of failing was just too much and I didn’t want to start. Thanks to those who believe in my dream and gave me the extra push I needed. Truly, your network is your net worth. Hands down, this has been one of the best decisions of my life so far.  If there is any big lesson I have  learned from this blog; it has to be starting afraid, starting with fear but rising above it to do what truly means so much to me. 
  2. Constantly put yourself out there: I have never met anyone who underrates their craft like I did mine. It was a real struggle at the beginning to put myself out there. I will publish a post and be so scared to share with my contacts. With time, when I see people commend me for what I do; I knew I was not pushing out trash; I put out valuable contents and there is no reasonable reason apart from fear why I shouldn’t put my contents out there and scream about it. It was so hard at the beginning to even introduce myself as a blogger. Some Nigerians are not even helping the situation tagging you as a gossip blogger; once you tell most people you are a blogger, they just assumed you are Linda Ikeji type of blogger. I am digressing! This is a topic for another day. Starting this blog has actually made me to constantly put myself out there. 
  3. Collaborate with people in line with your work: oh mine!! This took me a while to get. And I am still learning. Collaboration with people in line with my niche has helped in a lot of ways. 
  4. Reach out to those who started before you: anytime you’re lost and can’t get your mojo back, reach out to the people before you. They have  been through the phase you are going through. They are definitely in the best position to help. 
  5. Have a role model: having some people I look at their craft and getting inspired by them has been really helpful in this blogging journey. 
  6. Be you: this one might be hard l know. I mean I have people I look up to; writing like them might be something I want but writing with my voice has been what made my craft unique. Never ever try to write in another person’s tone as a writer. Being you is what makes you unique! Never lose that. 
  7. Never lose your voice: stay in your lane; always go back to the why when it seems you are not doing it right. Never lose sight of why you started in the first place. 
  8. Expand your knowledge: never ever stop learning. Constantly research on what will make your blog better all the time. I’m honestly still learning this. Learn and implement, please. My blog has been down about three times in the past one month; if I had learned some techy aspects of the blog, this wouldn’t happen. 
  9. It’s okay to hear NO at times, don’t give up! This is a note to myself all the time. I don’t do well when I hear no. Still very much learning to deal with rejection. You reached out to a brand to publish something about them and you keep hearing no most times, this will make one almost give up. Never ever do that. 
  10. Be patient: you know when you are putting in all the work and can’t see the result yet, it can be really annoying. Be patient, and consistent, everything will pay off at the end of the day.


Thank you all so much for always coming here; dropping comments and supporting me. It’s our anniversary; wish us well in the comment section.



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