The best life lesson I’ve learned has to be ”no one owes me anything”. I cannot even overemphasize this. If you’ve been following me on social media, both Instagram and Twitter I talk about this every time. I also talked about it in my completing and remembering 2017 article.

You might be wondering why I’m always talking about this. I had a very strong sense of entitlement all my life, until recently before I learned this life lesson. I used to be that girl who expects people to do things for her just because they are friends, family etc.

It took me a while  to know I have to go out there to do things for myself. While in college, I was given a meager amount of money monthly, and I was so bitter about the money and not really grateful I had someone to give me things . I lost my dad at an early age. I usually think my dad (my late dad’s brother) should take care of my responsibilities.

For so long I was so bitter about what he owes me, I refuse to see what I owe myself. It took a very long time for me to know he doesn’t owe me anything. God has just used him to take me to where I can stand on my feet.

I noticed so many of us are so fixated on what our parents, friends and family owe us we don’t realize what we owe ourselves. I noticed this sense of entitlement in some people and it’s really annoying. Get off that high horse, you are not entitled to anything you did not work hard  for. You can only be proud of what you have and did for yourself.

The best life lesson I've learned.

Things I did to stop feeling entitled.

  • Acknowledgement.

The first thing I did was to acknowledge the fact I had a sense of entitlement. I grew up fast and squashed the big bug in the room that almost ruined my life. I started doing things for myself by getting my hands dirty. I looked for ushering jobs to do during weekends to sustain my needs in college. I became so independent and I’m so proud of myself. Every little things I needed, I can take care of it.

  • Not expecting anything from anyone.

I don’t expect anyone to start giving me things I can do for myself. While looking for job after college, I did everything myself like I wrote HERE. I don’t expect any uncle to start helping me summit my CV. In fact, since I came out of college, I’ve been taking care of my bills. I don’t collect any dime from my family. The next phase of my education will be handled by me after my first year school fees has been paid. I’ve started sending my CV out for online jobs I can do as a content creator while in school, and I’m expecting good news with brands I’ve done interviews with.

  • Gratitude.

I became grateful for the privileges I had so far in life. I look around the world and there are some children who grew up in orphanage homes, war zones, refugee camps etc. I’ve had it easy in life compared to those kids and my sense of entitlement is pure selfishness.

  •  Self Discovery.

I discovered my passion, what makes me happy from inside out. I started seeing things I can do to make an impact in the world. There’s no way you discover what you are passionate about without leaving your high horse of entitlement behind. Discovering myself made me more aware of me, it gave me a chance to know what I owe myself and the world around me. I don’t want to be just another girl. I want to make a difference.

What’s the best life lesson you’ve learned? Drop a comment, I will like to learn from you as well.

 Ps: It’s day 4 of my 5 days blog post challenge, you can read day one HERE, day two HERE, day three HERE. Be here tomorrow for day five the final day.


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