Hi everyone! I know it’s not the usual days I post articles that is ”Monday and Friday”. Don’t worry, I’m still going to post an article on Friday. This article “how to stay safe during the festive period” was requested by a blog reader and I can’t say no to my lovely blog readers request so far it’s something I can do.

So as highly requested these are the safety precautions to take during this festive season;

  1. Don’t drive if you are going to be drinking.

I’m not even going to say do not drink. Most people refridgerator and store is filled with drinks they’ve been keeping for a very long time because they know Christmas is coming. Nothing bad with that oo.

So if you are visiting friends and you know you are going to be drinking, do not drive. You can use Taxify or Uber and ensure your friends knows the details of the taxi.

2. Always let family members know where you are going to.

Wherever you are going to, always let someone be aware of your movement. It’s better to be careful than to be sorry.

3. Keep your bag and phone safe while in a crowded place.

Almost everywhere you go to this festive period will be crowded especially the malls and bus stops. One thing you should know, some people went to the mall for shady things like to steal people’s phones and properties. And when you are at the bus stop please be very careful, keep your bag and properties closely with you.

Last year December, my phone was stolen at Oshodi bus stop, it was really devastating for me to loose that phone because I had so many business contacts that could have fetched  me some cool cash during that time.

4. Do not walk alone or walk in a deserted place.

There will be lots of concert you might be interested in attending, always go in groups. And if you decided to go alone, do not go to a deserted area, and ensure you have pepper spray in your bag.

5. Trust your instincts.

This is very important. When your intuition is telling you something, ensure you listen.

6. Park your car in well lit areas and keep valuables in your booth.

Anywhere you will be parking your car, ensure it’s a well lit area where people will be and keep all valuables in your booth. Even those who are stucked in traffic are been attacked these days. When in traffic, whine up your glasses, put your gadgets in a safe place till you get out of there.

7. When shopping, check expiry date of products to avoid buying expired products.

There will be lots of sales during this period, I know we all like cheap things, I’m all for buying affordable things, ensure you check the expiry date of edibles so as to avoid food poisoning. It wouldn’t be nice to be in the hospital while everyone is celebrating.

8. When using ATM, avoid secluded areas.

Be extra careful when using the ATM, even while in a crowded area anything can happen. Do not help anyone withdraw money, that’s highly dangerous. You don’t know who is who.

9. Do not accept lift from strangers.

I know there are still good people in this world, in the past few months I’ve  been working, total strangers usually help me to the bus stop without anything in return. It’s hard sort of for me to put this in my points but someone narrated how some girls were helped and the guys who gave them lift collected their phones, atm pins and other valuables they had on them. So it’s really dangerous to accept lifts.

10. Avoid IJGB/ Yoruba demons.

This one is for the ladies lol. Don’t let anyone who just got back from the abroad this season break your heart oo. There are real ones but I believe we all should just take things slow. I will be sharing my personal experience with an IJGB on Friday. Stay tuned lol.


If you have any more tips on how to stay safe during this period please share below. Thank you and compliments of the season to y’all. By the way, I’m accepting Christmas gifts lol.  




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