I shared this picture some months ago on Instagram and lots of people were shocked I went bald and I promised I was going to share the story, well here it goes.


I have been planning to go natural for so long and i went to the salon after 6 months of no relaxer. I did the big chop off. Because I haven’t gotten my natural hair care products and my wig was far then, I decided to fix my hair.

My hair after the big chop off


After 3 weeks, I was planning to loose my hair but because my salon was too far from my house, my Tfare to and fro is more than #600. I decided to use the salon on my street, that was the biggest mistake ever.

I knew the woman is not really good with making ordinary hair but I was thinking it’s just to loose hair now. It can’t be hard.

I got to the salon around 2pm and i was feeling so good that I can finally rock and style my natural hair the way I want. Loosing the hair was not a problem till we got to the closure part. The hair was made with net, it never came to my mind that she wouldn’t know how to loose ordinary closure.

The hair I made after the big chop off

That was how loosing hair became a real struggle, this woman was clueless, I knew if she use shea butter (ori) the net used for the closure will be soft and easy to remove. But she does not have shea butter, I was already angry, how can a hair stylist not have shea butter.  I had to call the guy that fixed my hair what we can do. He said we should use shea butter and i was like i suggested shea butter to her already but she does not have, he said we can use hair cream as well.

I took my hair wonder cream that i was already planning to use on my natural hair to the salon. I told her to use it because one of the ingredients used in making the cream is shea butter.

She applied the hair cream and 2 hours later, I was still at the salon waiting for the net to be soft.

After waiting for more than 5 hours, frustrated and almost crying, I asked her to use scissors to cut the net away. I was so sad, but there was nothing I could do. When she used scissors, I had to go to the barber shop to cut the whole hair so that the part that was cut with scissors will be the same with the other parts of my hair and that means going totally bald.

Fam, that was how your home girl became bald headed.

2 weeks after I went bald

It’s been more than 2 months now, and my hair is growing, but I can’t stop blaming the stylist for not knowing how to loose hair with closure and myself for not going to my main hair stylist.

Anyways I’m used to the journey now, it’s good. It made me more prepared for the natural hair journey.


Do you have any salon chronicles? Please comment below.




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