Hi everyone. I hope you are having a great weekend like mine. (Inserts big grin). I’m sharing my experience at the wedding.

Where are all the Igbo men that spray dollars at weddings. I’m just asking because I was expecting some of them at this wedding. lol I’m kidding.

The church wedding took too long for me. That was the first time in my life I would be attending a church wedding. And I got to the wedding early, before the service started. Definitely a first time too. Lol. I’m surprised at my level of keeping to time these days. I deserve a clapping ovation for this. I didn’t even attend my sisters church wedding. I have always been team reception.

I’m glad I ate in the morning because food was served during reception, 3pm.
The party was great for me because i met some friends I made during my last trip to PortHarcourt and also made a new friend. It was all joy, laughter and happiness.

The love radiating on the couple faces was a joy to behold. But when it was time to kiss each other, they shared an holy kiss lol.
Dear future husband once we are pronounced husband and wife Issa deep kiss, throw caution to the wind kinda kiss.

The wedding reception didn’t take long, they finished everything by 5pm. Kai I was surprised because I usually go for reception as at that time, 5pm in Lagos. I danced a little, told you guys I can’t dance.

After we left the reception, it was too early to go back to where we are staying so we decided to move to PortHarcourt, my new friend, Mary’s place, so it can be easy for my friends to go back to Lagos the next day. And easier for me to move to where I will be staying at PortHarcourt.

Going to PortHarcourt from Oyigbo which shouldn’t be more than 30minutes was a real struggle. I thought it’s only in Lagos the road will be blocked and there wouldn’t be any means of transportation, it was worst at Oyigbo. The major roads where people commute regularly is very bad. I heard it’s a federal government road. Something should be done about that place before any bad thing happen because big trucks commute the road regularly as well.
You need to see me with my traveling box on my head like a refugee lol. Thank God we were able to see a car though. For a minute, I thought I was in Lagos, because I spent more than an hour stucked in traffic at Oyigbo.

We got to PortHarcourt around 9pm and we went to a restaurant to eat dinner. I ate pepper soup and rice (new favorite food). My phone battery was low so I couldn’t snap the food. (sad face).
My friends are on their way  to Lagos and I’m still at PortHarcourt till Next week. Yaay I’m so ready to explore PortHarcourt.


Ps: Don’t you like when you wear a dress and get lots of compliments? I love it. My lovely dress was made by Araeni_stitches
You can check out her Instagram page to see her fabulous designs Araeni_stitches and also send her a direct message [DM].
Send her a mail at Omolara_eni@yahoo.com.
Or message her on WhatsApp: 08083535571.
Please tell her you are from Busayo.


Thank you lovies for your love at all times. Hope you know I do look forward to your comments. What do you think about my outfit? And have you been to PortHarcourt before?

If yes, where are the cool places to hang out here?


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