Hi everyone! It’s been ages I know. I saw a post on Cassie Daves blog where she shared a recap of the month and that inspired this post. What better way to let you know what I have been up to since the beginning of March, why I have not been consistent with blogging, how I felt about going back to school, getting and losing a job, and everything that has been happening in my life basically since the beginning of March till now.

My life has been eventful since the beginning of this year but the month of March was for learning, failing, and finding myself. Here’s a recap:

Grateful: for everyone I have around me. Going back to school has not been easy especially when the sponsorship I was expecting failed me. And God raised people for me. I was so amazed by where my help came from. God is so good. His mercies are new every day. Great is His faithfulness.

Wondering: why I can’t seem to do things at a set time. Procrastination has become a serious problem I’m battling with. Writing this post took me a whole long ass day to complete. I’ve come to a point I need help. If you have any idea what I can do please drop a comment. Ps: no book recommendations please I’ve tried that several times and it’s not working.

Failing: is something I’ve always been scared of. But I know better now. It’s okay to fail, but what happens at the end of the day is the true success. Am I going to let my failure stop me from believing in me? Hell no! I know you’re wondering why I’m going all philosophical on y’all . I’m back to school like y’all know and I stopped my full- time job January ending. I started another part-time job with school February ending. I had about three weeks to re-strategize and all but I can’t just seem to get a hang on the new job. Truly it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but it seems hard getting it. I tried everything I could but I just can’t seem to get the job done properly.

Something is always stopping me from doing well, my phone screen getting damaged and having to repair it, bad phone battery, no light. I lost the job March ending. I’m devastated but I’ve learned my mistakes, what I could have done better and the proper way to go about doing things.

Exploring: a new angle to my write up. I’ve come to see myself as an influencer in a sort of way. I get asked a lot of questions on places I’ve been to and that got me thinking I should write more about places I’ve been to and I should also collaborate with brands to review their brands like hotels, restaurants and private beach. I will be working on that.

Reading: nothing. It’s surprising how much of my reading habit I’ve lost. I used to be a bookaholic (any word like that? Lol). And I’ve totally lost it. I haven’t picked up a book since February. How can I go from writing about a well-read woman is a dangerous woman HERE to not picking up a book in two months? I need my reading habit back. Thankfully I discovered a place at Sabo, Yaba called American Corner where I can sit and read books. A free laptop and free wifi can be given if you request to use the internet at CCHUB. (I might write a post about the CCHUB because I know it’s going to help a lot of people.)

Balancing: things together is a struggle am dealing with currently. I need to find a balance. How will I cope with school, getting a job and blogging? Am open to suggestions if you have any for me.

Developing: my brand. This blog is my baby and there have to be some changes for me to see the kind of results I want. So I will be changing my blog theme and logo because for a very long time now, I don’t like them. When I asked my digital marketer friend about my blog for constructive criticism, what I’ve noticed was confirmed, so this coming month, I will be making some changes so as to make the blog more readers friendly.


Focusing: on school for now. After I lost my job, I realized I need to be able to find a balance between work and school. And that can only happen when I face school for now. After my first semester exam, I can go back to looking for work. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be posting on the blog. A weekly post will be up on the blog every Friday.

Learning: ways to improve my blog. I was glad I went to the bloggers’ advocate workshop where I learned major things about blogging and I know everything will be put in place to improve this blog.

photos from the bloggers’ advocate workshop.

March recap

Networking: is a major struggle for me. I need help on how to actually put myself and my brand out there. Help a shy girl in ways not to be shy.

Preparing: for exams. My exam is starting on the 30th of April. This is the first exam I will be writing after a very long time (2 years). Wish me luck guys.

Lusting: on all the major tourist destinations in Nigeria I want to visit this year. I have a long ass list. I will do a post on it. They are places that should be on your radar as well.

Listening: to lots of Adekunle Gold Songs. The guy is a breath of fresh air in Nigeria music industry. It’s great to listen to songs with deep meanings. I do not listen to songs that much but once I like your songs, I’m a fan forever. His new single, IRE has been on repeat on my phone since I downloaded it.


How has March been for you so far? I will like to know in the comment section.



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