While posting pictures of my trip to Badagry, I got a question from a follower of mine which says “How do you get funds to do this? I don’t get. ”



I have a list of topics I want to talk about on the blog but in due time which ”How I travel on a budget” is part of it. I thought I’ve not gotten to the stage I can talk about this, but this guy is not the first person to ask me this. I’ve gotten this same question from quite a number of people. It’s high time I talk about this.

Everything is perspective. Traveling and adventure is cheap and not cheap is a conversation that has been going on for long in the travel blogging niche.

I can write quite a number of places you can go to in Lagos and have fun with just N5000 and also quite a number of places you can go to in this same Lagos and spend more than N50,000.

I’ve not been to most of the places on my list but I’m starting from somewhere. I’ve not gotten to that stage where I can get sponsored trips from brands but I found a way that really works for me to go on my adventures within my budget.

I know y’all might be wondering, she’s just a student. How did she sponsor her trips?

You don’t even know the odd jobs I do. Apart from been a student, and help from my elder sister at times, I do quite a number of jobs to get money.

I’m a social media manager, I design graphics,I do ushering jobs,  I help people to register their business name, I help people to plan tours, I cover tours for tour companies.

All of this jobs are seasonal most times and I might have a trip with a gaping hole in my pocket if I didn’t do the things I’m about to share with you. This tips have worked for me since I started traveling.


  • Join a clan of traveholics

There’s nothing greater than joining a group of like minded people. I was lucky enough to join a group with people with the same interest as mine, some of them have been to the places I’ve never been to and I can always call them anytime I need to know about their journey to help me plan my own and also have an idea of the cost.

If you can’t find a group like this, just find people with the same interest as yours on Instagram, twitter or Facebook and send them a Dm. Some people are so nice to reply you and help with whatever you need while others might not reply their DM’s (in this case, send them a mail).

  • Invite people on your adventures to cut cost.

I usually put it out there each time I’m traveling if people would be interested in joining me, so that if it’s a place we will need to lodge, we can cut cost by sharing a room and some other fees.

Besides, who will take those cool pictures for you? Ahhhhhh just kidding.

how i travel on a budget
Invite people on your trip to cut cost like I did here.
  • Save towards it.

If you’re really passionate about it, you will save towards it. Draw up a saving plan. Set aside certain amount of money monthly towards your adventures. I have plans to visit a place I’ve never been to monthly which I save towards. If you ain’t so good with keeping money by yourself, you can use savings Apps like Cowrywise, Piggbank etc.

I use Piggybank and it’s so cool you can lock some of your savings away till when you need it.

  • Collaborate with a tour company.

The two times I have ever been to Lufasi park was through two tour companies. If you have a platform as mine, reach out to them.

Note that you must be able to offer value before someone can let you on their trip without paying. You can offer value to them either through taking over their social media page during the tour, posting about the tour on your social media, writing about your experience during the tours (Read: 6 things you can do at Lufasi park with my hangout buddy and Exploring Lufasi park with thebourgielife) etc.

  • Start from somewhere.

I want to be able to travel around the world someday but I don’t have the money now and I’m touring the places I can afford. If it’s Ibadan or Abeokuta you can afford to tour, please do. It’s all a gradual process, I know there’s a day I will be able to travel around the world.

  • Travel to a place you have people there instead of lodging in a hotel.

When I traveled to Portharcourt, I stayed with some friends I wrote about HERE. That’s saving cost. When I have friends in Portharcourt, why do I have to lodge in an hotel. If you have relatives or friends staying in a particular place you will like to travel to, stay with them to save money.

  • Attend tourism events.

It’s not all events you will attend, but sometimes attend events to network with people in the same industry as you. You don’t know who you will meet. I could remember I met Lola of hangout buddy who I went to Lufasi park with to cover her tour at an event and I still have an upcoming tour to cover for her. I’ve never been to this place I want to cover for her. That’s an all expense paid content for my blog.

I’m the queen of shyness and I’m still trying to get over this shyness but attending events with the same people that has the same interest as mine has given me opportunities.

  • Support locals.

Each time I travel, I eat from the local food vendors. I have nothing against fancy restaurants, as a matter of fact, I love them but remember we are trying to travel on a budget. Though you have to be careful with the local food vendors. My travelhollic friend comemakewego have a hilarious tale from eating at a local food vendor which you can read HERE.

  • Spend on experience rather than things.

I will rather go on that trip than buy that hair. I prefer spending my money on new adventures than buying new bags or clothes. This is when you have to prioritize things.  The last two asoebi I bought this year is only because they are families. If not, I will spend the asoebi money on new adventures.

  • Be open minded.

Lastly, be open minded. Expect the best and the worst. That’s why it’s called adventure. There should always be tales to tell.

And remember, for everything you want from life, you have to work hard for it. Nobody will give you anything on a platter of gold.

Cheers to when we can all travel around the world like we want.

How I travel on a budget
Cheers to more adventures fam!!


Are the tips useful? If they are, please drop a comment and if you have some tips to add, please feel free to. 

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