I got my job exactly on 9th of January,2017. It’s my work-anniversary and I decided to do a post about it because how I got this job is what is called “GRACE”. I’m sharing this story hoping to inspire someone looking for a job, your time will definitely come. I discovered so many things on the job and had opportunities to travel which led to my blog name “Explorewithbusayo”. My trip HERE, HERE, and HERE was sponsored by my boss.


How I got my job

2016 wasn’t the best year for me. I just finished school that year, job hunting and thinking of what next in my life. Had interest in blogging and not knowing how to go about it. Even though google is my best friend.

I went for series of interviews, got jobs I will later spend all my salary for transport and also borrow money to continue to go to work. Though I was tempted to, I couldn’t take the jobs. Registered on so many online job platforms; in fact I should write a blog post on all the online adverts that turned out to be something else (indicate in the comment box if you want me to share). Getting frustrated, but continued submitting my CV and going for interviews. I spent all my savings in school on transport for job interviews. Y’all know how Lagos is now.

By November 2016, giving up and thinking of what to learn even though I’ve never had interest in any handiwork. A friend of mine sent me to an online store owner (I wouldn’t mention the name of the brand). I had an interview with the man and I was asked to start work the following week. I was so excited! It didn’t pay much but it was okay and it’s going to give me opportunity to learn more about online marketing since I have interest in blogging. It was very far from my house (kola to yaba) but I was still excited about my job, the distance couldn’t damper my mood. I called the whole clan. The baby girl is now a working class. Almost everyone who knows me already know I got a job.

I started work the following week like I was told. My first day at work was okay even though I had no prior training in online marketing.

Got home after a long day, told my family about my first day at work. I don’t usually sleep early and when I do, I will always wake up later at night.

This particular day, I slept early and woke up at night. First thing I checked was my phone (raise your hand if you’re guilty of this) and I saw a message from my new boss. It reads “Due to the financial crisis of the company, your services are no longer needed because we can’t pay you”.

See cold water on my burning heart. I was legitly angry! How could you let me start work in the first place when you know you can’t pay me.

I didn’t even want to start thinking of what to tell my clan I’ve bragged for, I just went back to sleep.

The next day, I showed my family the text message, they were rightly angry on my behalf (best support group ever).

Giving up was never an option.

I don’t know why but I didn’t really think much about my early termination; had this strong conviction in my heart that it’s not God’s plan for my life. I prayed, fasted and also went back to the online job sites I registered on and started applying for jobs. I felt bad for losing my one day job but I didn’t lose hope in ME.

A week after my termination, I was scrolling through Stella Dimoko Korkus blog and I saw a vacancy by PITMAN LAGOS (a recruitment agency) on her IHN. I applied for the job.

Mind you it’s December already, broke, frustrated and tired of it all. To top it all, it looks as if I wasn’t trying at all to some people. I went to the airport to start sharing my CV to companies, sent my CV to some uncle scratch my back and I will scratch yours (what I’ve gone through heh).

God did it.

God sent an angel in the form of PITMAN LAGOS; ( you guys should check them out, they offer professional courses. Did one with them and it was really hepful). I had forgotten I sent my CV to their mail, got a call from them for an interview with more than ten people, passed the first stage and was sent to the company who hired them with one other lady.

I was picked fam! My happiness was over the moon. The pay was more than my one day job, less transportation fee, and the side benefits are awesome. I was so looking forward to January 2017 I was asked to resume. I lost my phone that December like I mentioned HERE. The second day I lost my phone, I went to a friend’s house to check my mail for Pitman’s number so I wouldn’t loose my new job if they are not able to reach me. Thank God I don’t delete my mails. Got my company’s Admin number and I kept calling her till I resumed lol. I didn’t only get a good job, I got family.

The way I got this job enlightened me more on God’s timing in ones life. He did it for me at His right timing that was best for me. God timing is the best. I’m a living testimony. If you’re praying to God for something, hang on. Got gat you. Trust His timing and the process.

One other thing, while talking with my boss recently, she told me I was picked because of my past experience working with an event company. No matter what your experience has been in the past, always put it in your CV. Be truthful and don’t lie about your experience. Imagine if I had lied and at the end of the day, I was not able to do what I said I can do. Total disaster right. Just be you. There can never be anyone like you.



Top: Thrifted for #50 ( the viral top, the price does not matter. It’s your confidence, own that shit!)

Skirt: Forever21

Bag: Thrifted

Shoe: Lagos Island

How I got my job

Do you have a similar experience? Please share below. If it’s too long we can start a ”How I got my job” series. The aim is to inspire anyone looking for job. The unemployment phase is a very depressing phase.

Ps: I started a challenge today when I found out I’ve not been consistent with my posts, I will be posting continually for 5 days. Be here again for tomorrow post.

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