There’s something about seeing a place you’ve been to before from a new perspective. And I’m glad I was part of Hangout Buddy Easter trip to Lufasi park. I’ve written a blog post about Lufasi park, but my narrative today is about what you can do with Hangout Buddy when you go on a hangout with them.



But you have to know about the people you want to have an hangout with first right? So let’s dive into who they are. Hangout buddy is a community where people can be connected together to socialize, build long-lasting relationships, they organize group tours and connect people together.

Hangout Buddy

I was invited to cover the tour when the founder read my blog post of Lufasi park (you can read HERE). By the way, I snap most of my pictures with my iPhone 5, but I couldn’t take many pictures because my phone decided to go off and my power bank was bad. Not to worry, my creative eyes captured most of the moments.

These are six things you can do on a tour with Hangout buddy:

  • You get to meet amazing people: that’s why they are called Hangout buddy right? lol. You guys know I’m all for connecting with kindred spirit. It was great to meet new people, the founder Lola had to ask if I know someone before the hangout. That was how strong the connection was. I got myself a new friend we chat constantly after the hangout.
Hangout Buddy
my new buddy
  • Body paint art: if you’ve been following this blog for long, you know by now I’m crazy about artworks. An highlighted icon on my Instagram page is dedicated to art. There was an artist around during the tour to give us all kind of artworks we want on our body. With all my love for art, I’ve not gotten to the stage I can boldly paint my body. But it was great to see cool art on people. I give them all the kudos.

Hangout Buddy

  • Games: there were different kind of games like ludo, puzzle, ayo, dancing around the chair game. Someone won a free US visa processing from Candyztravelandtours who were part of the hangout. I was like why didn’t I go out to play.Anyways, I stayed in my lane playing my favorite ludo game but I met my bosses, I was beaten press down. Everyone who played a game had something to win. That’s what a great hangout should be like.
  • Great food/ drinks: The food was great. There was ofada rice, small chops, chinchin, and chocolates. There were different drinks like palm wine, red wine, coke, Pepsi, Fanta etc. I wanted to form big girl and take palm wine but I took a sip and dropped it. I stayed in my lane and drank coke jeje lol. I have a light head, I cannot come and use my head to walk home.
  • Souvenirs: candyztravelandtours joined the anniversary to celebrate their fourth year anniversary and there were souvenirs like card holder, travel pillow, and cooking spoon. Who doesn’t like a tour with something to take home huh.
  • Tour around the park: hangout buddy tour group were large, we were about 40 people. We were assigned a tour guide to take us around the park. Because I’ve been around the park before, I was skeptical about going on the tour with them, but I’m glad I did. I learned something new about the park, I got to know Lake Nora was named after the founder’s (Mr. Lucas Majekodunmi) mother. And we also met an icon, the legendary Majek Fashek. See why you need to go on a hangout with Hangout buddy.
Hangout Buddy
Hangout Buddy
Hangout Buddy
Can you spot the legendary Majek Fashek?

With all the fun we had during the last Easter hangout, tell me why you will not join Hangout buddy next hangout on the 28th of April. The next hangout is at Takwa Bay, I’m excited about it because though I’ve been to Takwa Bay several times, I’ve never written about it.

The details of the Takwabay hangout is on the flyer below. Until next time lovies.



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