Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife was one of the best group tours I have ever embarked on. The fun, the games, networking, new things learnt etc, is a lifelong memory. Thebourgielife are a lifestyle and travel brand, they organize group tours and the brand is owned by Jadesola.

Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.

I saw a message on Bloggers’ advocate WhatsApp group (if you’re a blogger, don’t sleep on that group. You have to join with many side benefits to grow your blog) where Jadesola the owner of Thebourgielife was looking for a female blogger to cover the tour in the aspect of putting Insta stories and a post about the trip on Instagram. I sent her a message and I was picked to cover the tour. I had fun, learnt a lot and I had to write about it on the blog.


Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
Talking about the park only, not me! Just admiring God creation.

Lufasi means Lekki Urban Forest and Animal Sanctuary Initiative. it’s an NGO dedicated as an urban hub where people can interact with nature in Nigeria, rescued animals can be kept etc.  The park can be use for photoshoots, special events, video shoots but you will have to go to their website, Lufasi.org to send them a message, you can also learn more about the park on their website. Lufasi park is located at Majek 1st Gate, Lekki- Epe Expressway, Abijo Lagos (this address might be a bit confusing, it’s 5kms from Ajah roundabout and 1km from Emperor Estate, shares a boundary fence with Fara Park Estate).


  • Zoo: Yeah you read right! There’s a zoo at Lufasi park with animals like monkeys, rabbits, wild cat (the cat eats raw meats and that got me scared, I can be paranoid that way, though all the animals are locked in a cage), guinea fowl, horse, tortoise ( the tortoise is over 100years old and she’s called Mama Tee).
Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife,
Wild cat.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
Monkey, Photo Credit: Jadesola
  • Duck pond: There is a pond where ducks are kept. I’m not a fan of ducks, so I don’t know what to do except look at them. There was an argument of them been local or foreign but I know nothing about ducks so I couldn’t differentiate.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
The Duck pond at Lufasi Park.


  • Trees: If you appreciate nature, you will understand why I included trees. I like palm trees weird right? Just breathe the green life and snap for aesthetics purpose like I did.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

We were fortunate enough to meet Mr Lucas, The gardener and he explained the trees  were planted 25years ago when the park was still a farm. It became a park 3years ago.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
Mr Lucas, the gardener at Lufasi park.
  •  Art gallery: Y’all know I love arts, from my previous articles HERE and HERE . And I was truly happy when I saw some artworks. It’s not like a typical gallery, it was a small building and the outside is used as the work area.  I was fortunate to meet the owner and he gave me his Instagram handle @danpencil44. He makes ankara bags and some artworks. I was really impressed with his works, both the ankara bags and his drawings, I wished I had enough cash on me to get his ankara bag. I will definitely go back to his gallery if I’m chanced to go back to the park.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

  •  Lake Nora: the lake is one of the things I liked about the park, It is so beautiful. The lake side will actually be good for  video-shoots and photo-shoots.
Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.
Lake Nora at Lufasi Park

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

  •  Ekki forest: We couldn’t go inside the forest because we were not dressed for it. We were told by the tour guide the forest has wild animals and snakes. I truly wanted to see the snake that swallowed our 36million (Ahhhh) but I wasn’t dressed for it. Next time! If you’re adventurous, ensure you go inside the forest.
  •  Forest bathing: I never heard about forest bathing until I was exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife. This was the new thing I learnt.

Forest bathing is retreating to nature, to immerse in the forest atmosphere. The benefits include:

  • Decreased risk of heart attack.
  • Protection against obesity and diabetes.
  • More energy and better sleep.
  • Positive mood-boosting effects.
  • Reduced stress hormone production.
  • Clearer skin.
  • Soothing relief for sore muscles.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

Look at all the benefits of forest bathing! I’m here for the clearer skin (what benefit are you here for? Comment below.) I had to sit down and indulge in “Shinrin Yoku”, a Japanese term which means taking in the forest atmosphere.

  •  Food and drinks: After all the exploration, especially if you like details like me, you will be famished. You need to fill that tummy up with food. And TheBourgielife came through. You see why you need to be on their next tour? Thankfully, there are tents and gazebo in the park to sit in.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
The tummy needs to be filled up with food.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
You can also sit inside the Gazebo.
  • Games: There are different types of games you can play at the park. Games like football (a football field is provided), table tennis (there’s a tennis table), chess game, Ludo (my favorite game! and the only game I played).
Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.
Tennis table.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
The Ludo game.
Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.
Chess game.

Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.

  •  Butterfly garden: there’s a cute butterfly garden. This is highly recommended by me for lovers  (winks).Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
  •  Photo shoots and video shoots: We were told by the tour guide nollywood movies use the forest a lot for their village movies and music artists use the park for their video shoots. For me, Lake Nora is the best place to do photo-shoots.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
Explorewithbusayo looking peng at Lake Nora.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

  •  Playground: The children are not left out, there are fun activities for them. It’s advisable to go with your children, so many things for them to learn.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
The children’s playground at the park.
  •  Party: Oh yeah! You can bring your speaker, play the music as loud as you want and dance, dance, dance.



I didn’t pay anything, my transportation, feeding and entrance fee was taken care of by Bourgielife.

It’s advisable to go in groups or go with someone, it’s more fun.

We used taxify, four person each in the cab, the estimated price at the end of the trip was #4500. Entrance fee is #1000 for adult and #500 for children. You can haggle the price. It’s advisable you go with refreshments. The only thing sold at the park is drinks and snacks.

You will be given a tour guide to take you round the park, which is free and  you wouldn’t be charged to use anything in the park.

The park is open Monday to Saturday : 9:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday: 12:00noon – 6:00pm


I like Lufasi park, so many things to do! It’s more fun for me than Lekki Conservation Center.  At a point, the walkway to Eki forest looked like that of LCC but they are two way different parks.

The government should do more when it comes to tourism in this country. The tour guide showed us an uncompleted building which the government promised to build for them so as to have a school where environment education can be taught. But the building has been abandoned for three years now. Something should be done about it please, Imagine the jobs a school like that would have created.


Have you been to Lufasi park before? What are the things you did while there? And if you’ve not been there before, will you like to go?

If you are looking for trips like this without breaking a bank, you can always contact  Thebourgielife via mail:Thebourgilife@gmail.com or by clicking the blue text which will lead you to their Instagram and blog page.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
Jadesola on black and the rest of the bourgie fam!!


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