My Daycation at abeokuta was really fun with my visit to Olumo rock, Kampala market, Obasanjo Olusegun Library and the ofada rice I couldn’t eat.

This post is long overdue. I spent the whole day at Abeokuta; ogun state on the 29th of December. But I couldn’t bring myself to write about it because my phone screen was really acting up during the trip and most of the pictures I took are not on my phone. Waiting more than two weeks and I still couldn’t get my pictures, I decided to use the ones on my phone.

I’ve been planning a weekend getaway to Abeokuta with my friends since September. But they always find a way to bail out at the last minute and I didn’t want to go alone. Talk about when your interests are not the same.

I’ve almost given up on traveling to Abeokuta because I didn’t see anyone to go with. Luckily for me; I was chatting with my blogger babe, Bolu one day and she said she has been itching to travel and I’ve also been itching to as well. That’s how the trip was planned yaay.

The highlight of the trip was my tour of Olumo rock. I’ve lived in Abeokuta while growing up.I was really young then, about 6years old and I’ve never been to Olumo rock.

We decided to meet at Olumo rock since she’s coming from Ibadan and I was coming from Lagos.

The transport fare was a bit high because of fuel scarcity then. ( I will do a budget breakdown of the trip at the end of the post).

Olumo Rock

Daycation at Abeokuta

To enter Olumo rock; #700 was paid as gate fee. And if you’re really adventurous like me; your adrenal will be pumping with the excitement of your upcoming adventure. I paid the gate fee, went in and called Bolu. Mind you, we are just meeting for the first time and it was really nice seeing her. It’s always great meeting people who share the same passion with you.

Daycation at Abeokuta
With Bolu

Daycation at Abeokuta

Bolu came with three of her friends and i went alone; making five of us. We got a tour guide to take us round.

Our first stop was the olumo rock art gallery . If you follow me on Instagram, you will know how crazy I am about art. I love every piece of art work that was displayed in the gallery. I wish I could buy some though. But they were unbelievably expensive. They even have Kampala; aso oke, basket bag etc. the basket bag I bought for #700 at bar beach market HERE was sold for #1000. I really wanted to buy adire top but it was too expensive for me (3000), which I later got for #700 at Kampala market.

Daycation at Abeokuta

Daycation at Abeokuta.

When we left the art gallery, we went to the other gallery {I can’t remember the name} where the history of Egba town (Abeokuta) was displayed. There were framed pictures like the first church in Nigeria located at Abeokuta, first mosque in Abeokuta, traditional soap, shea butter and so many other things.

We left the galllery and began the long hike to the mountain.

Daycation at Abeokuta
Photo for the gram before the long hike.

Our tour guide showed us some historical things of the Egba people. Like;

  • The  Dongoyaro tree: according to him; the tree leaves can be shew by someone who has malaria and the person will be healed; it can also be shew by anyone who has bad breath
  • We were shown the hideout of  Egba people during the war and how they came about the town name “Abeokuta” meaning “under the rock”

Daycation at Abeokuta

Daycation at Abeokuta

  • We were also shown the “medicinal water of the rock”. The water is said to have medicinal cure of ailments.

A lift can be used to get to the top of the mountain but as at the time we went there; it was not working. Heard it’s not been working for some years now.

Daycation at olumo rock
The lift at olumo rock

Apart from the lift; there are two ways to get to the top of the mountain;

  1. Through the staircase

The staircase is advisable for people with kids and those who do not like heights.

2.Through the old route

This is advisable to the more adventurous people like me lol. If you like adventures and you’re not scared of heights you can pass through the rocks to get to the top of Olumo rock. But while coming down, you can use the staircase.

Daycation at Abeokuta
The old route.

Passing through  the old route was thrilling for me; just that I had to pull off my sandals. It’s not advisable to wear sandals or slippers if you’re passing through a route like that. I didn’t go prepared, though I knew I shouldn’t wear sandal; I just don’t like the only sneakers I have.

Getting to the top of the mountain I’ve read and heard so much about, I felt I conquered a great feat. Abeokuta is definitely a beautiful city. The whole of Abeokuta and the first church in Nigeria can be seen from the top of the mountain.

Daycation at Abeokuta
Just admiring the works of God.

Daycation at Abeokuta

Kampala Market

I had plans of getting Adire top or material to sew. But the ones at the olumo art gallery were too expensive, so we decided to go to Adire market which is about 5 minutes away from Olumo rock.

Daycation at Abeokuta
Adire fabrics as seen at the market

There were so many beautiful Adire fabrics at the market. The Adire top I bought for myself was love at first time ( will do a fashion post on it later). We all bought different beautiful fabrics. And it was so cool to get them at a cheaper price compared to what they were calling for us at the gallery.

Daycation at Abeokuta.
Love at first sight Adire top

Olusegun Obasanjo Library

I was really looking forward to a visit to olusegun obasanjo library because I’ve heard so much about the library. But it’s really surprising no one mentioned the ridiculous amount they are charging for entrance fee.

The place is really big and I acknowledged the hard work and efforts that went into building that place. I actually thought it’s just a building where Baba’s life is displayed.

No one mentioned it’s an empire.

The place is so big we got lost and had to be asking people where the library is.

Daycation at Abeokuta
Quick photo while looking for the library


Daycation at Abeokuta
Found an art gallery while roamimg. A little secret, pictures are not allowed here.
Daycation at Abeokuta
The library was infront of us and we didn’t know.

As I mentioned earlier, we went during fuel scarcity time and the driver had to drop us at the second gate because there was a terrible traffic at the first gate due to the filling station nearby.

Going through the second gate, we saw the big reception hall, a hotel, a resort, a swimming pool, kids amusement park, a zoo, a bookshop, art gallery, a church, a mosque, and so many other places inside Olusegun Obasanjo Library. It’s quite a big place…We later found our way to tour and ticketing office through the help of a kind lady.

Daycation at Abeokuta

Excited about seeing the famous library. We were asked if we are students and with our school ID cards. My friends were with their ID card but I had none on me.

The lady at the reception told us with ID card is #3000 because they are trying to encourage educational tour (mouth wide opened). You mean you’re encouraging educational tour and your ticket is that high? Is okay! Continue.

I guessed for non students is going to be times two, but I still need to ask so as to give them benefit of doubt. And truly for adult is #6000. Okay now enjoy your library; it wasn’t budgeted lol.


  1. You can stay till 6pm at olumo rock; you can also go with foods, drinks and some music that’s if you’re in groups. Saw some group of people with these things while we were leaving.
  2. Don’t wear sandals or slippers if you’re going through the old road route.
  3. If you’re going with camera, please put it in your bag. Bolu camera was seen and she has to pay #1000 or more to enter the building with her camera.
  4. Go in groups. It’s more fun.
  5. If you really fancy Adire Frabics like me; please go to the Kampala market to buy it; it’s just 5minutes away from Olumo rock. Except if you’re OBO {omobabaolowo}, you can get it at olumo art gallery
  6. We were told pictures are not allowed in the art gallery but you can use your discretion to take photos. Welcome to the rule breakers club.
  7. The climb to the top of olumo rock is not a joking sturv please go with bottle water

Budget breakdown 

Entrance fee: #700

Transport: #2500

Nb: it’s this high because of the fuel scarcity and the #2500 covered all my waka; from Lagos to Olumo; olumo to Kampala market; Kampala market to obasanjo library and obasanjo library to Lagos.

Souvenirs: Adire #700

Feeding: I like eating foods peculiar to the culture of the place I’m exploring but I couldn’t get ofada rice; had to drink coke and gala #200 and the water I got while hiking #200.

Would have eaten at a grill house inside OBL but seems they like #3000 there.

Barbecue chicken and chips is #3000

I kept my money for a delicious asun and spaghetti at D’place.

Tour guide: #300

Ps: you can decide not to take a tour guide; but it’s more interesting with someone to point out everything to you. There’s also no fixed price to give the tour guides. You have to negotiate with him before the tour. We were 5 and we gave him #1500

Total cost = #4600

You can budget like #5000 or more because of feeding. Don’t be a junkie like me.

Have you been to Abeokuta before? And where are the places you visited? If you’re planning a daycation to Abeokuta, I hope my article has been able to help you with what to do at Abeokuta. 

Till next time lovies. You can keep in touch via my INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK



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