Day out at Oniru private beach and bar beach market X Giveaway.


Happy new year in advance lovies!
Thinking of going to the beach on New Year’s Day to have a good time? This article is for you. You all know I’m all for having fun without breaking a bank. I will be doing a budget break down of a fun filled day at Oniru Private beach, my finds at bar beach market, ( most people know this market as Lekki art and craft market), and yippee a giveaway.

I’ve been on the Island since Christmas’s day evening with my friend Tessy and we have been planning to go to the beach on Saturday. I didn’t want to go to the beach without having a basket bag, and hat like the cool kids on Instagram lol (talk about peer pressure).

Bar beach market.

I googled where art and craft market is at since we are staying at Jakande Lekki. But the direction on the blogs were not clear enough until I asked a neighbor and she said the market is “bar beach market” and it’s just across the road. How cool! Pretty easier for me to get everything I wanted.

I took only #2000 and my atm card to the market. Thank God there was no POS in the market. So many beautiful things especially as I’m a new art lover. Beautiful crafted pieces and hand made leather bags. I was wowed.

Hand made leather bag.
Art is life!

I didn’t like the first basket bag I got because I haven’t walked round the market and I was just eager to get it I settled for less.

The first basket bag I got.

After walking round the market, I met Dauda Aliyu, he has so many lovely things and I got my lovely basket bag from him. I will be dropping his number below incase you want to go there.



Oniru Private Beach

Drumroll rolls sprrrrrrrrrrrr. It’s the day we have been waiting and planning for lol. But we didn’t plan on going to oniru beach, we wanted to go to Atican beach Ajah but the person we were supposed to go with changed our plans the last minute and we were thinking of just girls hangout to leisure lake. But a friend of mine asked if I’m interested in hanging out at Oniru beach and I said yes.
Oniru private beach is located at VI, ligali Ayorinde street close to landmark event center and hard rock cafe. Getting there was a bit hard but thanks to google map and my friend, Ope who dropped us.
The last time I was at oniru beach was about three years ago and I’m really amazed at the tremendous change at the beach.
I didn’t even know the beach is at the back of Hard Rock Cafe until yesterday.

View of Hard Rock Cafe from the beach.

Gate fee is #1000 and you can go in with your food and drinks. If you don’t want to go in with your drinks and food, there’s a suya stand and also a bar to get drinks.
You can also rent chairs and tables for #3000 or more.

Fun activities at the beach;
1. Kayaking

2. Roller coaster ride

3. Bike ride

4. Horse ride

I didn’t do any of the fun activities because they do not interest me (pocket screaming as well) and trust me you can still have fun if you didn’t do any of the activities above.
Going to the beach with someone or a group of people is definitely more fun.

My day at the beach was more than fun with the ambience at the beach and the wonderful people I met yesterday.
And thanks to my friends for understanding what it means to be a content creator and helping me take my pictures.


We left the beach at past 8 and people were still there having fun. We were scared of walking out alone but we were told the place is very safe.

I spent only #1000 which is for taxify because my friend took care of the bills. If you are planning a day out at the beach, you should budget #5000. It can cover your gate fee, drinks and food.


Ps: not really relevant but try to wear a short or something not too long. I forgot my shorts while packing, that’s why I settled for my pants trousers.

I heard the beach is more fun on Sundays, so if you are getting this article late, you can plan your outing for next Sunday.


I will be giving the bag below away. Subscribe to my blog and tell me why you want the bag in the comment section. The person with a genuine comment wins the bag.

Basket bag Giveaway!

Have you been to oniru private beach before? If you’ve not, I hope my article has been able to help you with how to go about it.

See you in 2018!


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