Look at me guys!! I wrote about the ten places I will like to visit in 2018, the year is almost over and I’ve been to only one of this places.


So sad! I’ve actually been broke and I can’t afford traveling at the moment. I know there are people in this with me ( haba I can’t be alone) and it’s just a season that will pass definitely.

While I’m still very restless without traveling for a while now, there are quite a number of things I’m doing to keep my restless side busy. I will be sharing 5 things to do while you can’t afford to travel. The tips I will be sharing has actually been working for me and I hope it will work for you too.

1.Read books:

Books are powerful and I believe to an extent what you read will determine who you might become later on. Read lots of book on politics, adventures, religion etc. those who read will keep learning and we can add books on how to be financially Bouyant so we can afford our travel dreams.

Note that; reading shouldn’t be something you only do while you can’t afford to travel. It should be a continuous thing.

2.Join an NGO:

Help your community, help someone with your time by joining an NGO to help people. You don’t have to donate money, your time is money enough. And as little as N1000 will go a long way in someone’s life.

One of my plans of 2018 apart from my travel plans is to join an NGO, not just an NGO I will be in without making impact.

I joined Lagos food bank early this year but I couldn’t really attend any of their outreach. And I had to pull out till I joined Hashtaghappybaglagos where I felt I’m more useful and the feeling of been part of a team that makes a difference by spreading happiness like confetti is priceless. Our next outreach is September 29th, you can send Hashtaghappybag_lagos message on instagram to volunteer or donate.

There are quite a number of NGO you can join like; Lagos food bank, socially Africa, slum to school, hashtaghappybaglagos (the highlighted blue text will take you to their Instagram pages if you will like to join them).

There are still other NGOs out there, google them, so far they are in your area of interest.

3.Visit a local tourist destination:

Hey! Don’t be scared, I know visiting some local tourist attractions at times attracts some entrance fee but there are places you can visit in your city without paying a dime. In my city, Lagos, you can visit Nike art gallery without paying a dime to go in.

4.Hangout with your friends:

You can plan a beach hangout or movie hangout with your friends within your city. I’m sure it wouldn’t really cost that much. I planned a beach hangout with my friends with just N4,000.

5 Things To Do While You Can't Afford To Travel.
With one of my friends at Atican beach.

5.Binge on travel blogs or travel bloggers instagram pages:

One of the things I like doing when not traveling is reading my favorite bloggers travel tales on their Instagram page or blogs. Since we can’t afford to travel at the moment, let’s travel through other people’s experience.

Here are few travel blogger pages I follow on the gram:


5 Things To Do While You Can't Afford To Travel.
Naija nomads Instagram feed

Glory Osei

5 Things To Do While You Can't Afford To Travel.
Glory Instagram feed

Funmi Oyatogun

5 Things To Do While You Can't Afford To Travel.
Funmi Instagram Feed

Amarachi Ekekwe 

5 Things To Do While You Can't Afford To Travel.
Amarachi Instagram feed.

What are the things you do while you’re not traveling, doesn’t mean you can’t afford to though. Please comment below. 


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