18 fun facts about me has to be 18 because it’s 2018 guys. Ahhhh weird right? Ever since I saw the fun facts tag on Aminameendesign Instagram story and I tagged myself, I decided to do 18 fun facts about me.

18 fun facts about me.

18 fun facts about me.

1. I’m extremely shy and an introvert. It’s hard to believe because I look more like an outgoing type, coupled with the fact I like exploring new places.

2. I usually find it hard to sleep at night. I used to sleep a lot in my teenage years like I mentioned HERE. Wondered what changed.

3. I love traveling, one of the reasons I started this blog, so as to document my trips.

4. I’m still a student, though I just resumed University of Lagos Via Direct Entry. Many people do not know because I talk a lot about work.

5. I had plans of joining the missionary when I was 17years old. I filled the application form but I was not picked.

6. Truth be told, the only reason I wanted to join the Missionary was because I can travel around the world. Join a good cause.

7. I know I’m hardworking, my family members just assumed I’m very lazy especially when it comes to chores.

8. I don’t know how to talk too much, the only way I know how to express myself is through writing.

9. I can be extremely emotional, little things makes me cry.

10. My genotype is AS and it’s really weird I always end up falling in love with people of the same genotype.

11. I love love and I love watching Indian movies because of their mushy mushy love stories.

12. Sometimes I feel love and marriage is not for me because of number 10 (don’t let my family members see this please).

13. I used to be so uptight, I wouldn’t talk to anybody about my feelings, my family thought I was very weird and secretive. I think I’m more open now. I have this little space I share my thoughts, what inspires me and my ideas.

14. I eat a lot. I wonder why I’m still skinny.

15. Anytime I see a new naira note, I wouldn’t spend it till I run out of cash.

16. I prefer reading to watching movies.

17. I can’t keep up with series; till now it baffles me how people do it.

18. Sometimes, I like been alone with my thoughts.

18 fun facts about me.

Bonus fact: I’m too blunt! Help!!!! I need to know how not to be blunt

I will like to know more about you as well. Share one or more fun facts about you below.

Ps: It’s day 2 of my blog post challenge, you can read day one article HERE.

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18 fun facts about me
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