Hi everyone. I decided to share the 15 things i noticed while at Port harcourt and they are;

1. River state people are not igbos, they are Ikwere, Etche, Kalabarri, Okrika, Ogoni, Omoku, Bonny etc. These are the few tribes my friend remembered. I actually thought they are igbo’s until my friend corrected me.

2. The bus stops are as busy as Lagos and don’t be surprised when you enter a bus that is almost full and you see two boys coming down. The two boys will sit at the front, you will enter the bus thinking it’s almost filled up until they come down when the bus is filled up, so you will have to wait for the space they vacated to be filled up. The bus conductors are also rough, if you have been to Yaba before, the same way yaba boys drag your hands and call you all sorts of names if you didn’t answer them, that’s the same way PH bus conductors behave. Maybe the boys are imported from yaba to PortHarcourt.


Rumuokoro busstop at PH

3. Bribery and corruption is everywhere, don’t be surprised when you see a policeman stop a driver and the driver shaked the policeman hand with #50.

4. Gra is the coolest place to hang out in PH. So many fancy places at Gra.

Piazza bar at Gra, PH.

5. Boli and fish is the thing here. It is everywhere. I had my fill. Very sweet, I had to turn it to snack.

Boli (roasted plantain)

6. Groundnut is everywhere, if you are running away from groundnut because of pimples like me, you cannot escape it. Except you are self disciplined: which I am still learning.

7. Clothes are expensive. I tried to get some thrift tops, the price called for me is very ridiculous. I cannot deal. My friends warned me not to buy anything like clothes, shoes, bags and wigs at Portharcourt because they are very expensive. She usually get her things from Aba which is about an hour from Portharcourt.

8. The crowd at the ATM is not a joking stuff. It’s rare to get to some ATM machine and not meet like 20people on queue.

9. 60% of the girls here are always on fleeky eyelashes. I decided to learn how to fix it cos of them. Eyelashes that is long and very full, always winking at somebori.

10. No keke on their major roads.

11. There is this calm and serene look at PH. I can’t feel the hustle bustle of Lagos here.

12. Almost all the people who had lived in PH all their lives want to move to Lagos. But I don’t feel that way about Lagos, maybe because I haven’t explore Lagos that much.

13. The way Shoprite is the biggest, and well known shopping mall in Lagos, the same way Spar which is also known as PortHarcourt mall; is the main shopping mall in PortHarcourt.

Exporing PH, Busayo at PortHarcourt mall
Entrance into PortHarcourt Mall.

14. No uber or taxify in PortHarcourt.

15. Lastly, Port Harcourt people are very friendly and lovely. I made new friends turned sisters.


Port Harcourt is definitely a city i would love to visit over and over again. Do you have more things to add to this? Please share. Thank you for your love always. Please don’t forget to drop a comment, share and subscribe. xoxo

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