On the first of June 1994, a beautiful young woman was given birth to whose name is Busayo. Today is my birthday guys and I’m honestly just happy for everything that I am and I’m becoming. God has been so great!

World Busayo’s Day!! Happy birthday to a phenomenal woman.


To think about a month ago, I was very depressed about the things I don’t have, the things I’m yet to become and really scared of what the future holds.

I thank God always for the strength He has given to a small girl like me to carry on.

This past year has been full of lessons from adulting slowly creeping up on me, to living towards achieving my dreams, and my blog flourishing with amazing readers.

Who’s a phenomenal woman?

Wondering what i meant by happy birthday to a phenomenal woman?

According to Amazingwomenrock

“A phenomenal woman is purposeful and passionate. She is driven by her thoughts and makes her thoughts a reality.
A phenomenal woman has imperfections. She is phenomenal for what she does with her imperfections;
she is phenomenal because she is true to herself.
A phenomenal woman can be any shape or size.
Creed, religion, age, sexual orientation, the family she was born into, or the colour of her skin do not matter.
She is strong yet weak; she struggles with her own identity from time to time,
but she understands that is all part of the game.
She is true to her voice and to her inner self. She is resourceful and honest.
She is brutal at times, forcing her way into the world’s reality. 

I have become a phenomenal woman because I am surrounded with phenomenal women who have left an imprint in my life.”

I am a phenomenal woman because of the reasons listed above.

World Busayo’s Day!! Happy birthday to a phenomenal woman.

What’s  a phenomenal woman day without some life lessons?

I’ve written about some life lessons learnt in life HERE, but what’s life without trying to pick some lessons from whatever we go through in life?

  1. GOD above all things: in whatever I do, God above all things. His will first before mine! His direction and His path I will always follow.
  2. Spend on experiences rather than things: I will rather spend my money on new experiences rather than things. I will rather go to a place I’ve never been to than buy that designer bag. I just believe doing things you’ve never done is refreshing.
  3. Volunteer: help people no matter how little especially NGO’s
  4. Read more: read about all things. Never stop learning.
  5. Be kind: in your words and your deeds, be kind!
  6. Be fearless with your dreams: don’t be scared to pursue your dreams.
  7. Do something you’ve never ever done before once in a while: you’ve never take yourself out? Do it! Is there a place you’ve never been to and you wish to go there? Please do.
  8. Take risks: afraid of starting that business? You wouldn’t know the outcome if you don’t take that risk.
  9. Always ask for help when you need help: nobody goes through life without needing other people’s help, whenever it seems  you can’t handle things yourself anymore, ask for help.
  10. Be grateful: above all, be grateful always for all you have, what you’re yet to have and what you will have.


Happy birthday to me once again!!! Thank you guys for always been here, my life is more purposeful with this platform I have.





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