Watching this video by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie changed my whole perspective about “Feminist”. Each time I had an opinion of how things should be and what i want for myself in life, I hear people asking me “Are you a feminist?”

I shared my opinion about something few months ago on my Instagram page and a message was sent to be by someone i use to be close with asking “are you a feminist”. i had to say i’m not one to make myself follow the norm of how it should be. I’m trying to unlearn lots of rubbish i have learnt when it comes to “Feminism”.

I’m a feminist, I believe there should be equal right between a man and a woman. Don’t tell me I can’t do some certain things because I’m a woman.


I’m doing this Youtube tag hoping someone will learn some things from this talk by Chimamanda Ngozi because I definitely learnt a lot.




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