Hi everyone! Merry Christmas ( are we still celebrating? Lol). I hope y’all had a nice Christmas.

I went out with some group of friends (both male and female) about three years ago and a beautiful lady came to join us.

From normal chit chat; the guys jumped into politics and the lady joined them. They argued about politics and it was so obvious with the way the lady was talking she knows what she was saying. And I was looking like a bimbo.
They talked about other things and she was still able to contribute.

Some of the guys were already admiring and swooning all over her. I was so envious and wondering how come she knows everything.

I went home and started thinking seriously on how to be that kinda girl; I don’t want to be a bimbo that has nothing to say while others are talking. I began to wonder what she did differently and how come she knows a lot.

Then I found out you can only know so much when you read. I already love reading but any book that has to do with politics, business, sports etc do not interest me. But how can I have something to contribute when others are talking. I never want to be a bimbo again because it wasn’t a pleasant feeling to be one.

Though I had no interest in politics, business, and sport, I made it my business to be well informed about them except sport (lol I’m trying really hard, I can at least mention two players in each team).

Since then, my relationship with people changed and I can contribute to any discussion. I became more enlightened about so many things. I became more confident in myself.

Along the line; I found out most men do not even care much about your physical appearance (physical appearance is important as well) but what comes out of your mouth.
I’m not one to think someone is ugly but the well read beautiful young lady was the least beautiful among us but she was the only one almost every guy there was attracted to like a magnet because she wasn’t a bimbo.


Who said you can’t slay and also be well read? That’s why I have a picture of my makeup by the side of the book I’m currently reading.

I love having intelligent conversations. And ideas actually comes from learning from different angles of life. I read a book yesterday by one of my favorite authors; Danielle Steel and I’ve been nursing this particular idea for a very long time and reading that book gave me an insight on what to do and also birthed this article.

Anytime I’m stucked on what to write on, I read and that has always helped in a very big way. Reading should always be a culture.

Y’all might be wondering how a well read woman is dangerous; well she’s dangerous because she has a mind of her own, she knows what she wants and goes for it. She ain’t scared to take risks and stand up to defend herself when the need arises.

Ps: I challenged myself to read 24 genres of books; i.e. Politics, business, religion, adventures, self help, thrillers etc this year and I’m glad I was able to read even more than that. A new year is coming and I’m begging y’all to challenge yourself as well to read more and be well enlightened.
Happy new year in advance.

How many books did you read within the year and how many are you planning to read this coming year? Please comment below. You know I love hearing from you.



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  2. A bit knowledge of everything can save a soul 👌🏻👌🏻Dont just be a figure head with nothing to offer 🤣🤣🤣 beauty without brain is nothing 👌🏻


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