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Hi everyone! I want to share my travel review. I do not really have much to say because I came out just a night and the morning I was coming back to Lagos. I went for youth convention.

We left Lagos 6am and got to portharcourt 4pm ( 11hours journey by road). I thought it was going to be one of the longest boring journey of my life, even though I haven’t traveled much (first time traveling far).

One thing about traveling, it’s more interesting when you travel with your friends. All the way from Lagos to portharcourt was fun. I’m just surprised at the way we always have something to do, it’s either we gist about life, relationship, love and sing. I was able to sleep for just 2hours during the journey.

Getting to portharcourt we dropped at Choba, opposite university of portharcourt, which use to be my dream school while growing up to study petrochemical engineering but when I found out physics is very hard. I switched to university of Ibadan wanting to study medicine. But here I am, a biologist.
It would have been really nice to have a tour around the university. Next time I am in portharcourt, that’s going to be part of my to do list.

Our camp was at the Redeemed regional camp and gardens at Aluu, Mbodo. It’s a camp for retreat, recreation and relaxation. Beautiful view, comfortable hostel and a serene environment. It was so peaceful. It’s a place I can spend forever, if you give me food, books and data. *winks*

Entrance to the camp

The camp program was really educative, fun, inspirational and there was a difference in my spiritual life.

The relationship segment was one of my favorite part of the program. The segment was taken by the best seller author of “Your dream can change the world”, Joe Igboanugo. I had to get his new book “Get married in 12months”. ( I hope I do ).

The camp activities lasted for 3days and I was impressed with the food served at the camp. But on Thursday, lots of people were purging including me. We were told it’s the packaging of the food that caused the purging. Thank God it wasn’t serious though.

Friday was my last night at portharcourt and it’s only food that could bring me out of the camp because there was no food. We were all craving for a proper meal. I have also been looking for an opportunity to come out and explore. What better way to start my adventure. Dang! I was so happy.
Plus the adventurer in me has been restless when it looks like I wouldn’t be able to explore. I just needed to see some places, even if the few places are restaurants, I don’t mind. I just wanted to explore the small part of PortHarcourt I can for just that night.
I wanted to get boli and fish, but I was told it’s too late to get any at the time we left the camp (9pm).

It would have been a sin if I didn’t get boli and fish while in Portharcourt because that was one of the things I was looking forward to. The boli and fish was the highlight of my trip which I was able to get the next morning.

View from camp lecture room

Our first stop was Big treat restaurant at Rukpokwu. I was surprised they don’t have food anymore at 9pm. I am very sure that kind of a thing can’t happen in a restaurant like Big Treat in Lagos. We had to go somewhere else; shining light fast food still on Rukpokwu road. ( I have problem pronouncing the town names).

Going around PH at night was really fun, we were stuck in traffic for some minutes, but it was not terrible like Lagos traffic.
We spent about an hour outside the camp.
The only thing I don’t like was the bad network at camp. What is life without data? (Airtel).
Coming back to Lagos in the morning we passed through different towns. Portharcourt is such a big city. I noticed transport business is a lucrative business over there. Lots of business are even thriving over there. It’s just like Lagos, anything goes.

Portharcourt boli ( Roasted plantain )

Portharcourt is definitely a city I would love to live and visit over and over again.

If you are traveling by road please ensure you board bus at a park. Things are though in this country and there are lots of kidnapping stories we hear daily. Do not say because it’s cheaper outside the park, you will not board any bus inside the park. Be security conscious.

Have you ever been to PortHarcourt? What are the memorable things you did while there? Please share.






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