The travelers’ tales featuring Mr Niyi David of More Cream Than Coffee is the first interview of the Travelers’ Tales series. Seeing the need to give travelers a platform to share their experience while traveling, the good and the bad. I started an interview series called The Travelers’ Tales: which will feature various adventurers sharing their travel experience here.

I met Mr Niyi David of More Cream Than Coffee on LinkedIn at a point I needed help with my blog and was feeling unmotivated. He was kind enough to check my blog and gave me some advice. He has been really supportive since then and was kind enough to answer all my questions when I told him about the series.

Here are the questions, I hope you learn one or two things from here like I did.

The Traveler's Tales Featuring Mr Niyi David of More Cream Than Coffee

  1. Kindly tell us about your brand?

More Cream Than Coffee® is pretty new, it is just a couple of months old. My travel and travel writing experience predates my company. I worked with Afro Tourism WA Ltd for four years and two months, and I have been privileged to travel several places on the African continent. I guess the only region I have not been to is North Africa.

  1. Why did you start?

I wanted to do something more with travel media.

  1. What motivates you?

The urge to excel in what I do.

  1. The biggest lesson you’ve learned?

People are more friendly to strangers than what is usually reported.

  1. Your worst travel nightmare?

Traveling without a socket adaptor.

  1. Your best trip?

Hard to say. I loved my first trip. It was to Senegal and I arrived Dakar around 2am! Good thing, I made a friend on the plane who was Senegalese. So he helped me get to my hotel easily. Uganda was fun and I got a pleasant surprise on my birthday from the Uganda Tourism Board. My first trip to Zimbabwe was so much fun and I made lots of friends in the industry. Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Benin, The Gambia, Ghana, etc were all fun.


  1. Your worst trip?

I cannot think of any.

  1. What you could have done to make it better?

Well, the truth is every trip can be made better, because you always learn something. For instance, my first trip to Zimbabwe in 2016 was in June, and that is winter in Southern Africa. I was not adequately prepared with temperature dropping to as low as 8 degrees in the evenings, but that did not make my trip bad. I survived with my jeans jacket. Now, if I have to travel there again in winter, I will be better prepared.

  1. What advice would you give to intending travelers?

Go out there and explore! Of course do your basic due diligence. Have your proper travel documents and all.

  1. How rewarding is traveling?

Traveling is an education.

I hope you enjoyed reading the travelers’ tales featuring Mr Niyi David of More Cream Than Coffee as much as I do. Thank you Mr Niyi for taking out time to answer my questions. You can get social with him on Instagram Morecreamthancoffee.

Did you enjoy this series? Please let me know below. Considering this is my first time interview, what do you think about the questions? And if you have any questions you want me to ask the next adventurer that will be featured here, please drop your questions below. Thank you!



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