The Travelers’ tales featuring Jadesola Ojudole of BourgieTravel is the second part of the travelers’ tales series which I  started on the blog last week (you can read the first interview HERE). Jadesola is not new on the blog, you might have read my trip with her travel company; Thebourgielife to Lufasi park.

My relationship with Jadesola started from been on the same group (The bloggers advocate and Travelhollic) to going on her group tour. I can see how well she’s doing within the time she started her trips.  As a matter of fact, she was the first person to indicate interest in answering my questions and I was really glad for the support.

I enjoyed her replies to the questions I asked and I hope you do too.

Can you kindly tell us about your brand?

My name is Jadesola Odujole and I am a Travel and Lifestyle blogger. I run two blogs – MusingsofaJadedGirl and TheBourgieLife. The Bourgie Life is also divided into two – there is the group tours and exploration part – @Bourgietravel and the lifestyle (family part) – @TheBourgieLife

I had to separate it at some point because I studied my audience and I had to give them what they liked 😁

Why did you start?

I have always loved to travel and experience beautiful places and things, this even influenced my decision to stay back in Cross River for my NYSC and I think that’s where my love affair with travel began. It was during that time that I visited the Obudu cattle ranch and Tinapa resort. I also did some Rural Rugged Evangelism with the Nigeria Christian Corpers’ Fellowship (NCCF) so I went to some really remote villages in Cross River to preach. In fact, for most of my service year, I was on the road – Abuja, went up North to Zamfara, Kebbi, and then Markudi.

Fast forward to 2016, I organized a group to Whispering Palms with someone, we had an amazing time at Whispering Palms. It was beautiful and I loved the feedback I got.

Then, I took a quiet break in 2017 and I kept stalling and refusing to organize another group trip. This may be related to the fact that I was scared of failing but in the end, I did it anyway and “The Bourgie Tour Experience” was born.

Since then, we have been to Olumo rock, Lufasi Park, Ile-Ife, Osogbo and Ilesha (#BeWET), Badagry and we have gone Kayaking on the Lagos Lagoon. Yaay #ImBourgie

The Travelers' Tales Featuring Jadesola Odujole of BourgieTravel.

The Travelers' Tales Featuring Jadesola Odujole of BourgieTravel.

What motivates you?

The fear of failing and the will to fulfill my God-given purpose. Travel and Tourism is one way we get to see the wonders of God’s creation and if I can help one person see God in a different way, nothing more will give me joy. Then I love seeing people happy and having a good time.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve life learned since you started?

Always hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. My worst case scenario is played out in my mind so even if something bad happens I know it’s not the worst and it can be fixed. You just need to be positioned for the lessons from that scenario.

Your worst travel nightmare?

Forgetting the food at home. Lol, I thought of this recently and was wondering what I will do.

Which travel experience was your best one?

Ah! This has to be between #BeWET and Abeokuta. Abeokuta tour because it was my first and it was so surreal. I couldn’t sleep for like two days before the trip, I was so pumped up.

The Travelers' Tales Featuring Jadesola Odujole of BourgieTravel.

The Travelers' Tales Featuring Jadesola Odujole of BourgieTravel.

The #BeWET experience was also beautiful – two nights away from Lagos stress – I felt in my lungs and I was so glad that my tourists felt the same.

The Travelers' Tales Featuring Jadesola Odujole of BourgieTravel.

Your worst trip?

Lufasi park! So I wasn’t able to fill a bus and was about to cancel the trip but my friend had already paid and was refusing a refund. We ended up taking Taxify cabs and it was really stressful. In the end, it was beautiful and I have made new friends (and repeat tourists) from that tour. Thank God I didn’t cancel.

The Travelers' Tales Featuring Jadesola Odujole of BourgieTravel.

What could you have done to make it better?

I took my lessons to heart from that trip. Major lesson – have a realistic and attainable scale so you can base the budget on that.

What advice will you give to intending travelers?

Just do it guys! If you keep waiting for the perfect time, you’ll just discover that time has passed and you haven’t done anything significant with your travel life. Start small, start big, go to a museum or a chop bar. Just do it already!

Thank you Jadesola for taking out time to answer my questions. You can get social with her on Instagram; Bourgietravel and also join some of her upcoming trips.

If you will like to be part of this series to share your travel experience and also life experience, please send a mail to


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