Hi everyone. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see I posted about my trip to Oyigbo, Rivers state for my colleague wedding. Well I’m at Oyigbo already. From here, I will be going to PortHarcourt. I am sharing my experience on the road to Oyigbo.


I travelled with my friend Iyke. We got to the park 5:30am, we were the first people to buy tickets for the bus. We had to wait for 45minutes before the bus got filled up.
While waiting for the driver to take off, a man came to sell books (you know I love books now lol). I didn’t see any interesting one with him except Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi which I have read before. I asked of the price and he said 1200. Told him not to worry because I have read the book before. He said he wasn’t going to warri before, I said ok. He said what of 400, I told him not to worry. He was like 200 and I said no. Thinking I didn’t understand Yoruba he started cursing me in Yoruba. I was just laughing. Oh Busayo, you are now matured lol.

We left the park 7am. It couldn’t be a boring journey because my friend Iyke is a very funny person.


First stop, Ore

Our first stop was Ore, where I bought only banana and groundnut. I don’t eat heavy food while traveling because of using the toilet.

My face when the AC stopped working.

When we left Ore, the AC stopped working, that was the bad part of my journey. Everyone was complaining and sweating. To make matter worse, we got stucked in traffic at edo state. I had to pull off my jean jacket before heat suffocate me.


The driver didn’t put on radio or play any music, he said “I will sleep off if any sound is on”. (first time I’m hearing this). I thought music makes one journey more interesting and less boring. We all begged him not to put radio on. Lol. Nobody want any mishap.

Second stop to get lunch was at Ugeri ( I hope I got the spelling) Delta State. I still don’t want any food that will make me go to the toilet so I settled for roasted plantain (boli). I know my body system, I definitely know I can’t go to the toilet eating this.

Second stop. Ugeri, Delta State.
Boli (roasted plantain)

The rest of the journey was smooth except when we got to a checkpoint and the person in front of me was receiving a call, the guy sitting beside my friend asked him to drop the call, he said the soldiers must not see one receiving calls or using earpiece. I was shocked, I thought that was only applicable to the driver with obviously good reasons. I had to voice out and ask the him if he’s for real. I still wasn’t satisfied with his answer.
Is it true? Please drop a comment I will like to hear your view about this.


Someone in the bus threw out dirty nylon and used plastics at a checkpoint, everybody shouted at him to stop. If the soldiers caught him, we were told he is going to do frog jump lol. Thank God he wasn’t caught though. That would have made the journey longer.

Another annoying thing about the journey was the checkpoints. From Bayelsa to PortHarcourt there were at least 10 checkpoints. It was really annoying and irrelevant.

Oyigbo is 30minutes away from PortHarcourt. The road is very bad. But I’m enjoying my stay here with my two friends.


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