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I went out to get noodles and I saw grandma. I was really excited to see her. She was one of those people who made growing up great for me. Grandma said she was going to church to drop a package for her pastor and I helped her carry the package. The church was few houses away from mine.

While we were walking, she told me about grandpa’s 70th birthday. She was talking with so much fulfillment, happiness, admiration and love. I was happy for her.
Grandpa and Grandma have been married for over 40years!
Grandpa was my father’s friend and has been checking up on us regularly since Dad died.


He is a retired government official, grandma worked with a private law firm before she retired. They were very comfortable.
Grandma is everything a good woman should be. She’s smart, kind, accommodating, loyal and beautiful. I loved her already but I loved her more when I went into her room for the first time and saw her book shelf stacked with some books written by my favorite authors. The likes of Nora Robert and Daniel Steele, the list is endless. She has varieties of books from different authors (I loved reading books as a teenager).


They also had their cute granddaughter living with them at that time. She is all grown up now. I love kids too. See combo: kid and books (inserts big grin).
I became a regular visitor in their house, helping their granddaughter with school work and taking as many books as I wanted. I was so excited about taking books to read …I literally read her library in a week! [ now that’s an exaggeration].


My sisters were having a conversation one day and I overheard one of them saying that grandpa made sexual advances towards her. I was stunned and I couldn’t let go of my disappointment in a rush. For days I kept on wondering why and how grandpa could be so randy and shameless…was so unbelievable! He wasn’t even considering the fact that she was his late friend’s daughter. I wished I didn’t hear that conversation that day.
I felt really bad, thinking of grandma and what she might probably be going through in their marriage. Grandma is so nice, she didn’t deserve this.


So many times young girls in the neighborhood complained about him making advances towards them. He attempted to try his luck on one of my friends. I caught him in the act once.
And from that moment I knew Grandpa was an older typical Yoruba demon.


I was always feeling so embarrassed for his wife because I knew she didn’t deserve someone like that. But Grandma never mentioned anything about Grandpas’ attitude to anybody and I’m sure Grandma knew about it; grandpa was too loose not to be caught. She probably didn’t want to talk about it. I usually felt guilty each time I went to see her and stopped going to their house frequently.


I returned books I borrowed, most times through their granddaughter. I was too young to have myself muddled up in that kind of situation.


Seeing her today I wanted to ask her how she coped but I couldn’t bring myself to.
It crossed my mind that she’s a typical African woman who is just glad her husband didn’t take a second wife even though he was ridiculing her with all the younger girls and women he was sleeping with. I’m sure Grandma grew up with the notion that divorce was evil and she must stay married regardless of the situation with her husband. (My thoughts)
Grandma must have been going through a whole lot….funny how, she was always happy and smiling. She didn’t let her husband’s cheating nature get the better part of her; to an extent she saved her marriage.


What do you think? Why did she decide to stay with his cheating ass? Please drop your comment below.


  1. 1). Maybe it was an issue never to be brought up and she believes so long they dint talk about it, it never happened

    2. Love

    3. Older women (especially our grandmothers and mothers) believe in staying in the marriage no matter what

  2. Societal factor:Firstly i think one of the reason grandma must av stayed in the marriage was due to wat will the society say: she is tyical yoruba woman who must av believed that no matter wat u ar going tru in ur marriage quitting shod neva be an option. Grandma must av also considered her chlidren in the sence that,she wodnt want to raise her children without the role of a father in the lifes 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  3. I think its bcos she’s wants 2 try everything possible 2 kip her marriage, even if it means she will die trying.
    Again I believe it Cos she’s d original wife of grandpa. Even if grandpa misbehaves she is still his legal wife..
    Den I tink love and patience will be included


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