My regular keke driver has become an IJGB ( i just got back) while I’m still here. I decided to share this story hoping it inspire someone. The abroad is KENYA.

Going to work everyday, especially the days I get to work early [ I don’t go early anymore, I’m now a certified latecomer]. I have a regular keke driver that normally drop me at the office from the bus stop.
Usually, it takes time for people to fill up the keke because that’s not their main park. It takes up to 10minutes at times for the keke to move. Anytime I’m waiting for the keke to move, I just press my phone [lots of E books to read].

Then one day, I wasn’t interested in pressing my phone and I started a conversation with the driver I’m used to. I was just talking about how long it takes the keke to move and we started talking about other things from there.

His name is Segun. He is dark, not too tall, dress nicely and speaks well. I have always been wondering how such a nice looking guy is driving keke. I guessed that was one of the reasons i started a conversation with him. But been the first time I’m talking to him, I couldn’t ask.


From that day, we started talking each time he happens to be my driver. Just weather talk and how’s business kinda talk. I never got the chance to have a deep conversation with him. I’m just curious about him because he’s obviously educated. God help our educational system that made graduates beggars.


Some weeks, after we started talking, I went to the market close to my office to buy lunch and some office supplies. After shopping for what I went to get, I had to wait for keke to come by because I don’t like using bike on express roads. And to get keke from the market to GRA is usually hard, thankfully I saw Segun (regular keke driver) drive by and I hailed him down. Fortunately, he was going towards my office. We started our weather and business talk as usual. He told me it’s his birthday that day and I wished him happy birthday, asked where the turn up is ( I like turn up).

It was a perfect opportunity to ask him why he is driving keke. I asked him and we had the following conversation;

BUSAYO: Sorry to ask oo, but why are you driving keke, you look decent and educated.
SEGUN: (smiles) Aunty I am a graduate oo, should I give you my CV maybe you have vacancy in your workplace?
BUSAYO: (laughs) ok, but we do not have vacancy now, I will definitely tell you when we do.
How long have you been driving this keke and hope you don’t mind my questions?
SEGUN: I don’t mind, it’s okay. It’s rare to see people ask me questions like this. I have been driving keke since I was in school.
BUSAYO: Really? Wow that’s nice.
SEGUN: This is what I use to do big boy in school. People just see me living well in school, they don’t know how I come to Lagos weekends to drive keke.
BUSAYO: That’s really nice. You are a real hustler. This business must be really lucrative.
SEGUN: it is, if you know what you are doing. I have two keke, I gave one to my friend who is down financially. When I’m in dire need of money, I can make 7k a day.
BUSAYO: wow ( thinking in my head 7000*7=49,000. A month salary). So this job has money like this. We got to my office and he didn’t collect my transport fare , told me to use it as birthday drink. I thanked him and he said this to me as parting words, “the job has money but it’s a dirty job “. I told him it is well, he should look at the bright side.

Few months after we had this conversation, I stopped seeing him around . I thought he finally got a good job.

Few days ago, I saw him at the park, not as a driver. He said “I came around to greet my people “. And I asked him where he has been? I was even teasing him that he travelled abroad shey. He was just smiling.
I changed topic and started complaining about the same thing I usually complain about, and I asked if he’s back fully. He said no, that he actually traveled to KENYA. He only came back to Nigeria to tidy up some few things because he is relocating to KENYA. I was happy for him and congratulated him.

From keke money, he was able to travel out of the country. There’s truly dignity in labour.

Moral of the story: no job is too small, or too dirty till you are able to achieve your dreams. I don’t know his dreams or aspirations in life, but the few times I have spent with him, I know this is someone who is willing to go the extra mile to succeed. He’s not waiting for a job on a platter of gold. If you are in a waiting period please do something, learn anything. Don’t be idle please.


I hope someone learnt some things from this story. What inspired you about this story? Please drop a comment.




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