Throughout my one week stay in Rivers state, both Oyigbo and PortHarcourt, I didn’t spend a dime staying in an hotel.

I stayed with people I have never met before. I was surprised at the way I clicked with these beautiful ladies turn sisters. I met them through my friends in Lagos.

My first night at Oyigbo was with Maryann. She was so nice and always looking out for the things I needed. I hate inconveniencing people, she made me feel so welcome. I had to suspend my shyness and be myself.

After I left Oyigbo, I went to PortHarcourt and I slept at Mary’s place. I talked about her on the post about the wedding. I met her during youth convention but we didn’t really talk till the day of the wedding and we became close. She was very nice and caring, she even insisted I stay with her till the convention is over. Sadly, I couldn’t because her house was a bit far from the church. She kept checking up on me throughout my stay and even came around on the last day of the convention. I wondered what I have done right in this life to meet this lovely people.

I moved to Hilda’s house from Mary’s place. I’m still shocked by this lady’s kindness. She didn’t know me from Adam and we were already having those girl to girl conversations as if we had known for ages. When I told her about my blog, oh my! She wanted us to visit everywhere so i could have write-ups about Port Harcourt for my blog…how sweet of her! She told everyone she could tell I own a blog, I have never felt so loved. When I’m shy to take pictures in a place, she would push me to it and trust me, she took lovely pictures of me, you can see that on my Instagram page lol. Hilda should try photography….😁

Hilda was an amazing host! Her mum was so caring, i felt like the last born of the house, she would scold Hilda if we didn’t eat before leaving the house. I had to eat breakfast everyday and as a foodie i enjoyed every bit of it!

At a point I felt as if I was in a fancy hotel, it was a five star treatment. I’m so glad I met her. Her sister Nancy was awesome too. She would drop us off in church most times even though that was not her route.

The whole family made me feel so welcome in their house I didn’t want to leave. I never for once felt like a stranger.

She persuaded me to go to Aba and i’m glad I didn’t decline when she invited me. I learnt a lot from that 4hours journey.

Lastly, another River state girl I met was Tessy, the way we met was funny. The last time I went to PortHarcourt before this trip, i posted a video on my Instagram page that I’m looking for boli and fish and she commented that I wouldn’t be able to see that night. I told her she will get me boli the next time I’m in PortHarcourt since I was going back to Lagos the next day and she agreed.

I totally forgot to message her when I got to PortHarcourt but she commented on my picture again and asked if I had gotten my boli. For all the ajebutters, boli is roasted plantain😉 .I said no and told her it was time to fulfill her promise.

I sent her a message on Saturday and we met Sunday evening. She took me to nice places. Our outing was great!!

F R I E N D S Oh my! last night was so much fun with my babygirl @tessyama, another 5 star treatment lol. I have always known Gra PortHarcourt is the coolest place to hang out in PH. She took me to Beer Barn that I have always wanted to go since I saw it on Joro's blog. Their Gizzard is great, the best I have tasted so far. That place is badt, I should write a review. . . . From beer barn, we went to Cloud nine still at Gra, I had the best sharwama ever. After my bad experience of eating sharwama at Ib in a fancy place, I have been so skeptical of eating sharwama. Mhmmmmm I don't want to talk much about Cloud 9 shawarma since you guys didn't have a taste 😂😂. . . . From Cloud 9, she took me to The Boss, I'm oldie at heart, the old school music the dj was playing was badt. The Boss is definitely a great place to hang out, no wonder the whole place was filled up and we couldn't get a seat on time. The games we played Issa lasting memory I can't forget in a hurry. Thank you so much dearie for treating me like a special somebori. . . When I write my article about the hospitality of the people of Rivers state, you guys will know how awesome these people are. Ps: New articles will be out tomorrow. Ermh I have a confession guys, when you read my blog tomorrow you will know. You can guess from my insta stories too lol. #travelblogger #nigeriablogger #explorewithbusayo #busayotheexplorer #friends #adventurer

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A picture with Hilda
Mary came around my last day at Port Harcourt.

I would definitely go to PortHarcourt over and over again because of these lovely sister girls. Thank you so much for treating me so well. I love you all and can’t wait to see you again.


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