Hi everyone.
You missed me right? I missed you too!! If you follow me on Instagram, I did daily updates of my Port Harcourt experience but I couldn’t post on the blog because I didn’t travel with a laptop, I had to use my phone to upload the last content on the blog and the pictures were not up to standard which wasn’t good enough for me.

So today, I will be telling you about my trip from Port Harcourt back to Lagos by airplane.

Did I just say by airplane oh I’m feeling fly already, time to show off like someone said.

Disclaimer: I didn’t pay for my tickets, I don’t have such money and this is the very first time in my life I will be flying by air. I know you are wondering how that’s possible since this is supposed to be a lifestyle and travel blog. This is a dream I had since when I was a little girl, to travel around the world and I still do. And I believe it is still possible. I am a strong believer in the fact that everything is possible with God and hard work. More like, heaven helps those who help themselves.

My flight ticket was bought by my boss and he was not under any obligation to do so because I didn’t travel to Port Harcourt for work. I was so happy when he told me I will be flying to Lagos. I couldn’t sleep well that night, and I know I wasn’t dreaming. This is something I have always wanted but I didn’t know it was going to be possible this year. I wondered what I have done right in this life to work with someone who cares about what becomes of me.

I was ready to scream to anyone who could hear me that I’m flying to Lagos! Lol. I had to compose myself with my friend I stayed with at Port Harcourt because she is a constant air traveler. A friend of mine called in the morning and asked if I was at the bus park and Im like my flight is by 1 with so much pride. My bragging right became legit!

My designer asked me to send her pictures of the dress she made for me, I told her I would send the pictures when I board the plane. I’m sure she was like whats wrong with this small madam? lol. Talking that way was so great. I was feeling myself too much. It wouldn’t take me more than a minute to send the pictures to her, but I just wanted to brag.

My flight was by 1pm but we took off late. The cabin crew and pilots were lovely. I loved the pilots nickname; Johnny Papa I couldn’t stop laughing each time his name was mentioned. It sounds funny and nice.
It was not a direct flight, we had a stopover at Calabar to drop some passengers off and also pick the people en-route to Lagos.
Each time the plane was about to land, my ears became blocked and my stomach rumbled.
After stopping over for 20minutes at Calabar we took off and refreshments was served. I think I became allergic to crackers on the plane because I couldn’t stop coughing after eating crackers until I had two cups of water. The flight was great apart from my rumbling stomach and blocked ears.

I had to wait for about 20minutes to pick my luggage because we were part of the first people who checked in, which means other luggage had to come first before ours.

The journey was great and I look forward to more trips like this. Traveling by air is so comfy and fast.

The bragging became legit
A qiuck selfie when we landed in Lagos.
My legs going places


In awe of His creations



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