Hi lovies!

Its that time of the year when Nigerians who lives abroad will be coming into the country. Incase you are wondering what IJGB is, it means I just got back. 

Nb: I have nothing against IJGB’s, Im just sharing my personal encounter with one about two years ago, hoping its going to help someone detect the real ones. I dont even consider him an ex because we saw each other about three times. 

I was invited for a bachelors party by my friend. I was so looking forward to the party mainly because we just finished exams in school and in a way, partying would have relieved me of the stress I went through during exams. 

So we got to the party early enough; the first phase of the party was at a strip club at IkejaI didnt like strip clubs and I couldnwait for us to be out of there. I could not imagine how a fellow girl will want to rub her ass on me. It was disgusting. 

Not long after we left the strip club, we went to the main venue of the party. Some of the grooms friends were already there waiting for him. 

I was just sipping my favorite drink (baileys), nodding my head to the music playing (nodding and shaking of body makes a girl who cant dance looks as if she can dance), and minding my business, when this guy walked in. Oh boy, he was everything I liked physically in a man-tall, dark, good body physique and really handsome. I should have known betterhe hathe typical Yoruba demon look written all over him

Not long after he walked inwe were introduced. Thats how we got stuck to each other throughout the party. It had been so long I was able to vibe with someone I was only just meeting for the first timeWe both had the boy meets girl for the first time look. He was funny and we had a long, interesting chat as if we haknown each other for ages. 

He told me he just got back from Yankee and as an inquisitive person, asked for his IG handle. He was one of those guys who had too many girls on his page so you wouldnt even know who is who. 

I should have cautioned myself and pulled back but I was enjoying the excitement of meeting someone that interested me that much. 

We planned to meet for lunch a day after the bachelors eve. He lodged at the hotel near Lekki Leisure Lake (I cant remember the name). I took taxi from my hostel to the hotel and when I got there, we went to the restaurant. I hadnt even spent up to 30minuteswhen told me he had an appointment that he couldnt cancel because we had planned to meet.

Naive as I wasI sat there shaking my head and smiling even though I wondered what kind of appointments people make on Saturday afternoons? I left him at the hotel and we kept communicating via WhatsApp. 

At a point, he went haywire and I knew something was not right but I had this feeling that he was my type of man and I needed to be patient.  

After three days of going MIA on me, he called and his excuse wasI went to Abuja to see my parents 

I was so gullible then so readily believed him

We planned to hang out that Friday with my friends and his.

I forgot to add that by this time,  I was supposeto be home after exams but because I just met a new boy, I refused to go to my fathers house

That night was so much fun, we went to so many places. He was whispering sweet nothingto my ears. 

As at that time, I was never one to think much of marriage and this boy was already telling me how he wants to meet my family and how we were going to travel to Abuja to meet his parents. I actually thought about it, how foolish! He was not someone I had known for long even though it felt like it. 

We all slept in his hotel room after a long night of fun but it wasn’tuntil morning before he got busted-a girl came into the room, all dressed up as if she was going for a weddinglooking for him. I was just coming out of the bathroom and I only saw her back view. He followed her out; because we were about four girls in the room, the girl could not really know whos who. 

This guy followed the lady out and was not picking his call even after we left the hotel. My friends were just laughing at me because they hawarned me to be careful with him. Apparently everyone knows he was a player except me. Irony of life! 

He later called in the evening to explain himself, I didnt even let him land, shouted at him to stop calling me. 

You think he stoppedTwo weeks later he called, probably thinking I had calmed down and was trying to cajole me, I told him to forget it. It wouldn’t work, I would not be played twice.



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