Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend.

I was at Lekki Conservation Center with the Nigeria travel week crew on Saturday. Today’s blog post is about my experience on the longest canopy walk in Africa and the highlights of the hangout.

The Nigeria travel week was a week long event to promote tourism in Nigeria, they had lot of activities during the week. I couldn’t attend the events during the week because of work and so I registered for the Saturday travel hangout via their website. (www.nigeriatravelweek.com)

In the confirmation email sent to me, I was entitled to a free ride with Taxify and I was looking forward to the kind of comfort a free ride will offer but alas the the code was exhausted and that almost made me change my mind. Thank God I did not.

I have never been to Lekki Conservation Center before, I needed direction to get there using public transport. The direction sent with the confirmation email wasn’t clear enough. I had to use google which directed me to a site lane48.com. I must recommend that website, their description was straight forward. I didn’t even bother to ask for directions. I didn’t feel like it was my first time.

The event was supposed to start by 10am. Oops! I was 45 minutes late. I was close to tears (exaggeration), I thought I had missed the canopy walk. I had to sit at the reserved area and wait for a while to be sure I was late or it’s Nigerian time as usual. Y’all know your WCE is shy right lol. So I waited alone,checked Instagram for the travel week hashtag to see if there was any familiar face around…Yaaay! I saw few people, walked up to them and introduced myself…Shyness over.lol!

I met Ajalanene and Sis from Rwanda,Taiwo & Kehinde, the identical twin! They were really cool people. The twin were kind enough to let me use their power bank. I wouldn’t have been able to get the cool pictures I took on the canopy walk because my phone would have gone off…Iphone and battery power..Sigh! Ajalenene is one friendly woman, no dull moments with her.

From right, Ajalanene, Sis from Rwanda in the middle. Your WCE on black.

We had to wait for the delegates from other countries for more than three hours before we could go on the Canopy walk. Thanks to Nigerian traffic!

The waiting was good sort of, because it helped me to settle in and network.

Random gist while waiting for the delegates.

Highlights of the Event

  •  The Canopy Walk

The gate fee to LCC is a thousand naira and to go on the canopy walk you have to pay an additional fee of a thousand naira. Big thank you to the organizers of the Travel hangout event,we paid a thousand naira in all.

NOTE: The canopy walk at LCC is the longest one in Africa…so please allow me to feel myself…hehehe! It can take only 6 people at a time. I love adventures and it was such an exciting experience for me, I didn’t want it to stop lol. I walked in the middle of two ladies and both of them were frightened. Looking down would scare you the more! I just giggled all the way!! The lady in front of me was going to stop but we encouraged her and she managed to overcome her fears. I was in awe of God and I learnt to appreciate nature more.

Sitting pretty at the tower when some people were scared.
After a thrilling adventure.
  •  Gazebo

After the long exciting walk on the canopy, we went to the gazebo/ picnic area of LCC to play games, network and have fun. I loved the setting of the gazebo area, the big chess, the fish pond and the gift place. I wished I know how to play chess. The only thing I knew how to do on the chess floor was taking pictures.But you can still play around if you don’t know how to play the chess.

The Gazebo
I can’t play chess, I can only take pictures.
The fish pond.

Drinks and snacks were provided by the Nigeria travel week team. I walked around and bumped into Ajalanene and Sis from Rwanda with coconut drink. Y’all know I must have it now, so we went back to where they got it and I also got mine for #250.

  • Games

Games like chess, ludo, ten ten, snake ladder, etc were played and the winners won some cool gifts, like a weekend gateaway at a resort in Kaduna, a weekend getaway at Cotonou, dinner at a restaurant in Abuja. Oh my! I wished I joined the game ( sad face ). But I was rooting for a little boy about 8years old who played the chess game with a man from Greece and my little man won with help from his opponent though lol.

Note: The prices won were given by partners of the event.

  •  Networking

I met so many wonderful people there. I’m most excited about the little chat I had with Prof. Wolfgang, the publisher of Atcnews.org with close to 2 million readers.

I was on the verge of giving up on blogging..but that little chat encouraged me! Few weeks back, i took so much time on writing an article and I had only 50 readers! He told me about how he started with just hundred readers and now he can’t even keep track again. His encouragement made me realize what I have always known, an island is not built in a day. We had a great chat about the blogging community and how he started, and he also gave me some great blogging tips.

Another great person I met was the lady from Rwanda. She’s part of an organization named CODE. CODE protects children from sex tourism. I’m an advocate of anything that has to do with child abuse and how to protect children from them. I will be writing more on this in another blog post.

  • The tree house

I saw this while leaving and I so much wanted to climb but I was walking back alone.

The tree house

* Animals

I saw monkeys and tortoise, I heard there are other animals but these are the only two I saw. The monkeys are everywhere. I wished I had banana to give them.

Monkey playing on a car

That’s all about my experience at LCC. I can’t wait for the next edition of Nigeriatravelweek.

If you have plans of going to LCC:

1. Don’t go alone, go with two or more people. You will have fun if you go with someone. But if you are going for an event where there is an opportunity to network, i’ll advice you go alone like I did.

With the crew

2. Go along with your drinks, food or snack. If you can’t go along with food or snacks, don’t worry there’s a restaurant and barbeque stand at LCC.

Barbeque and suya stand


3. Budget at least five thousand naira for each person for transport, food and entrance fee if you are going with more than 2 people. I spent only only two thousand naira,transport inclusive. I didn’t spend much because I used public transport and Nigeria travelweek took care of the rest.

I want more events like this lol. Have you ever been on the canopy walk? Were you afraid? Please drop a comment here, I would like to know your experience at LCC.

Ps: I need help on how to handle my full time job and blogging. Please drop a comment if you have any idea for me. Thank you. xoxo.


  1. Amazing, I love adventures but I don’t have much around my city. I only do mine on video games. . Don’t laugh at me oh!

    LCC : I have plans for you soon.

    Thanks for the story line, not after you’ve enjoyed yourself. . Anyway; you owe me a coconut drink.

    For you job and blog;
    First I will ask, what kinda job is that?
    Your posts are so awesome, you can make it more fun & lit, maybe you write on weekends and work towards the week day, with time you w you have created more value with blogging, (enough demand and pay) you might decide to choose blogging over your current job.

    • Mhmmm what city is that?
      LOl don’t worry about the coconut drink it’s safe here on my blog.
      Wow great advice, I will definitely try writing weekends, its going to be better sef. Thank you so much Ugonna. I love blogging, this might later become my main job.

  2. This is really cool…more interesting going through your experience with you lol.
    Well I haven’t been on a canopy walk yet alone the longest in Africa (didn’t even know its at lekki) and I do want to see one now after having a feel of what its like thanks to you. Also a big thanks on the tips you gave will definitely have that in mind when going.
    Seem its gonna be an amazing experience and an exposing one at that ..
    Big ups miss

  3. Bussie Bussie, awesome work girl…. The world awaits your manifestation.
    Well I’ve been to LCC before but no canopy walk then…. I guess twas built recently… Rather I had to climb the tree house. Man o man, I can still feel the joy of climbing it cause just few girls had the courage to climb with the guys…. I climbed with so much enthusiasm my legs had to thank me for the next day, shey you grab…. Lol.but twas fun.
    For the monkeys, you don’t need a banana. Anything is good with them because one flew from a nearby tree to grab gala from a friend of mine standing close to the monkeys.
    Thumbs up babe.

    • Amen thanks babe.
      You must have gone a very long time because the canopy walk was built in the year 2015.
      I wished i could climb the tree house,but it was getting dark.
      lol, about the monkeys I know, one of them collected my friend fanta.
      Thank you so much for reading through. You made me want to go back because of that tree house. The leg pain is part of the adventure lol.


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