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Life Lately, March Recap + Going back to school.

life lately, march recap + going back to school

Hi everyone! It’s been ages I know. I saw a post on Cassie Daves blog where she shared a recap of the month and that inspired this post. What better way to let you know what I have been up to since the beginning of March, why I have not been consistent with blogging, how I felt about going back to school, getting and losing a job, and everything that has been happening in my life basically since the beginning of March till now.

My life has been eventful since the beginning of this year but the month of March was for learning, failing, and finding myself. Here’s a recap:

Grateful: for everyone I have around me. Going back to school has not been easy especially when the sponsorship I was expecting failed me. And God raised people for me. I was so amazed by where my help came from. God is so good. His mercies are new every day. Great is His faithfulness.

Wondering: why I can’t seem to do things at a set time. Procrastination has become a serious problem I’m battling with. Writing this post took me a whole long ass day to complete. I’ve come to a point I need help. If you have any idea what I can do please drop a comment. Ps: no book recommendations please I’ve tried that several times and it’s not working.

Failing: is something I’ve always been scared of. But I know better now. It’s okay to fail, but what happens at the end of the day is the true success. Am I going to let my failure stop me from believing in me? Hell no! I know you’re wondering why I’m going all philosophical on y’all . I’m back to school like y’all know and I stopped my full- time job January ending. I started another part-time job with school February ending. I had about three weeks to re-strategize and all but I can’t just seem to get a hang on the new job. Truly it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but it seems hard getting it. I tried everything I could but I just can’t seem to get the job done properly.

Something is always stopping me from doing well, my phone screen getting damaged and having to repair it, bad phone battery, no light. I lost the job March ending. I’m devastated but I’ve learned my mistakes, what I could have done better and the proper way to go about doing things.

Exploring: a new angle to my write up. I’ve come to see myself as an influencer in a sort of way. I get asked a lot of questions on places I’ve been to and that got me thinking I should write more about places I’ve been to and I should also collaborate with brands to review their brands like hotels, restaurants and private beach. I will be working on that.

Reading: nothing. It’s surprising how much of my reading habit I’ve lost. I used to be a bookaholic (any word like that? Lol). And I’ve totally lost it. I haven’t picked up a book since February. How can I go from writing about a well-read woman is a dangerous woman HERE to not picking up a book in two months? I need my reading habit back. Thankfully I discovered a place at Sabo, Yaba called American Corner where I can sit and read books. A free laptop and free wifi can be given if you request to use the internet at CCHUB. (I might write a post about the CCHUB because I know it’s going to help a lot of people.)

Balancing: things together is a struggle am dealing with currently. I need to find a balance. How will I cope with school, getting a job and blogging? Am open to suggestions if you have any for me.

Developing: my brand. This blog is my baby and there have to be some changes for me to see the kind of results I want. So I will be changing my blog theme and logo because for a very long time now, I don’t like them. When I asked my digital marketer friend about my blog for constructive criticism, what I’ve noticed was confirmed, so this coming month, I will be making some changes so as to make the blog more readers friendly.


Focusing: on school for now. After I lost my job, I realized I need to be able to find a balance between work and school. And that can only happen when I face school for now. After my first semester exam, I can go back to looking for work. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be posting on the blog. A weekly post will be up on the blog every Friday.

Learning: ways to improve my blog. I was glad I went to the bloggers’ advocate workshop where I learned major things about blogging and I know everything will be put in place to improve this blog.

photos from the bloggers’ advocate workshop.

March recap

Networking: is a major struggle for me. I need help on how to actually put myself and my brand out there. Help a shy girl in ways not to be shy.

Preparing: for exams. My exam is starting on the 30th of April. This is the first exam I will be writing after a very long time (2 years). Wish me luck guys.

Lusting: on all the major tourist destinations in Nigeria I want to visit this year. I have a long ass list. I will do a post on it. They are places that should be on your radar as well.

Listening: to lots of Adekunle Gold Songs. The guy is a breath of fresh air in Nigeria music industry. It’s great to listen to songs with deep meanings. I do not listen to songs that much but once I like your songs, I’m a fan forever. His new single, IRE has been on repeat on my phone since I downloaded it.


How has March been for you so far? I will like to know in the comment section.


Travelstart Nigeria 6th Year Anniversary: A little history About them!!

Travelstart Nigeria

It’s Travelstart Nigeria 6th year anniversary. It’s been a while you’ve heard from me right? Like I mentioned in my article HERE, I’m back to school and it’s been helluva busy! Not to worry guys! I’m back with a bang!! Who’s excited? This post is in collaboration with Travelstart Nigeria to celebrate their 6th birthday anniversary and you might be the lucky winner of a flight ticket to Zanzibar this Easter holiday, yaay I’m super excited with all this goodies. Just ensure you’re following me and Travelstart on Instagram to win. You can also check out their birthday sale to get cheap flights to 6 exciting destinations which are:  Domestic flights, Dubai, London, New York, Toronto and Johannesburg. The birthday sale runs from 20th – 27th of March 2018. Perfect timing to book that Easter getaway flight.



Travelstart Nigeria


You’ve heard about them in my post HERE, and you’re still wondering who they are? Not to worry, I’m here to get you informed about them.

Travelstart is Africa’s largest online travel agency, with headquarters in Cape Town and a local office in Lagos. Founded in Sweden, Travelstart opened its doors in 1999, as the brainchild of travel visionary Stephan Ekbergh. Nearly two decades, plenty of learning, growth and one African immigration later, today Travelstart proudly employs a team of more than 200 staff with offices in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Turkey and other countries. Travelstart Nigeria opened in March 27 2012 and has grown to more than 50 staff. The company provides access to more than 500 airlines flying to more than 11,000 destinations. Travelstart Nigeria is the 2017 winner of the Best Blog at the Nigerian Tourism and Travel Awards. Book affordable flights now on www.travelstart.com.ng.

Interesting Facts about Travelstart Nigeria.

(1) Travelstart is a travel technology company that is powered by close to 50 humans in Lagos and another 400 globally.
(2) Since Travelstart launched six years ago, they have helped more than half a million passengers with their flight booking,Take advantage of their birthday sale today
(3) Travelstart have flown their customers to 165 of the 195 countries in the world on ~200 airlines. Will you be the one to visit country 166?
(4) Travelstart customers can pay in NAIRA for their flights that start outside of Nigeria. Join close to 106,000 customers who have taken advantage of this by flying from either New York to Tel Aviv or Beijing to Shenyang.
(5) They have won several awards including AKWAABA Best Online Travel Agency in 2016, Nigeria Travel Week’s Best Travel Blog in 2017 and more.
(6) They were the official travel partner for the Nigerian Bobsled & Skeleton team to the 2018 Winter Olympics to South Korea.
Travelstart Nigeria
Don’t forget to follow me and Travelstart on Instagram: Princess_busayo, Travelstartng to win flight ticket to Zanzibar.
Have you booked a flight on Travelstart before? What was your experience like? Please share below.

Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife was one of the best group tours I have ever embarked on. The fun, the games, networking, new things learnt etc, is a lifelong memory. Thebourgielife are a lifestyle and travel brand, they organize group tours and the brand is owned by Jadesola.

Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.

I saw a message on Bloggers’ advocate WhatsApp group (if you’re a blogger, don’t sleep on that group. You have to join with many side benefits to grow your blog) where Jadesola the owner of Thebourgielife was looking for a female blogger to cover the tour in the aspect of putting Insta stories and a post about the trip on Instagram. I sent her a message and I was picked to cover the tour. I had fun, learnt a lot and I had to write about it on the blog.


Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
Talking about the park only, not me! Just admiring God creation.

Lufasi means Lekki Urban Forest and Animal Sanctuary Initiative. it’s an NGO dedicated as an urban hub where people can interact with nature in Nigeria, rescued animals can be kept etc.  The park can be use for photoshoots, special events, video shoots but you will have to go to their website, Lufasi.org to send them a message, you can also learn more about the park on their website. Lufasi park is located at Majek 1st Gate, Lekki- Epe Expressway, Abijo Lagos (this address might be a bit confusing, it’s 5kms from Ajah roundabout and 1km from Emperor Estate, shares a boundary fence with Fara Park Estate).


  • Zoo: Yeah you read right! There’s a zoo at Lufasi park with animals like monkeys, rabbits, wild cat (the cat eats raw meats and that got me scared, I can be paranoid that way, though all the animals are locked in a cage), guinea fowl, horse, tortoise ( the tortoise is over 100years old and she’s called Mama Tee).
Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife,
Wild cat.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
Monkey, Photo Credit: Jadesola
  • Duck pond: There is a pond where ducks are kept. I’m not a fan of ducks, so I don’t know what to do except look at them. There was an argument of them been local or foreign but I know nothing about ducks so I couldn’t differentiate.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
The Duck pond at Lufasi Park.


  • Trees: If you appreciate nature, you will understand why I included trees. I like palm trees weird right? Just breathe the green life and snap for aesthetics purpose like I did.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

We were fortunate enough to meet Mr Lucas, The gardener and he explained the trees  were planted 25years ago when the park was still a farm. It became a park 3years ago.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
Mr Lucas, the gardener at Lufasi park.
  •  Art gallery: Y’all know I love arts, from my previous articles HERE and HERE . And I was truly happy when I saw some artworks. It’s not like a typical gallery, it was a small building and the outside is used as the work area.  I was fortunate to meet the owner and he gave me his Instagram handle @danpencil44. He makes ankara bags and some artworks. I was really impressed with his works, both the ankara bags and his drawings, I wished I had enough cash on me to get his ankara bag. I will definitely go back to his gallery if I’m chanced to go back to the park.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

  •  Lake Nora: the lake is one of the things I liked about the park, It is so beautiful. The lake side will actually be good for  video-shoots and photo-shoots.
Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.
Lake Nora at Lufasi Park

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

  •  Ekki forest: We couldn’t go inside the forest because we were not dressed for it. We were told by the tour guide the forest has wild animals and snakes. I truly wanted to see the snake that swallowed our 36million (Ahhhh) but I wasn’t dressed for it. Next time! If you’re adventurous, ensure you go inside the forest.
  •  Forest bathing: I never heard about forest bathing until I was exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife. This was the new thing I learnt.

Forest bathing is retreating to nature, to immerse in the forest atmosphere. The benefits include:

  • Decreased risk of heart attack.
  • Protection against obesity and diabetes.
  • More energy and better sleep.
  • Positive mood-boosting effects.
  • Reduced stress hormone production.
  • Clearer skin.
  • Soothing relief for sore muscles.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

Look at all the benefits of forest bathing! I’m here for the clearer skin (what benefit are you here for? Comment below.) I had to sit down and indulge in “Shinrin Yoku”, a Japanese term which means taking in the forest atmosphere.

  •  Food and drinks: After all the exploration, especially if you like details like me, you will be famished. You need to fill that tummy up with food. And TheBourgielife came through. You see why you need to be on their next tour? Thankfully, there are tents and gazebo in the park to sit in.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
The tummy needs to be filled up with food.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
You can also sit inside the Gazebo.
  • Games: There are different types of games you can play at the park. Games like football (a football field is provided), table tennis (there’s a tennis table), chess game, Ludo (my favorite game! and the only game I played).
Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.
Tennis table.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
The Ludo game.
Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.
Chess game.

Exploring Lufasi Park with Thebourgielife.

  •  Butterfly garden: there’s a cute butterfly garden. This is highly recommended by me for lovers  (winks).Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
  •  Photo shoots and video shoots: We were told by the tour guide nollywood movies use the forest a lot for their village movies and music artists use the park for their video shoots. For me, Lake Nora is the best place to do photo-shoots.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
Explorewithbusayo looking peng at Lake Nora.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.

  •  Playground: The children are not left out, there are fun activities for them. It’s advisable to go with your children, so many things for them to learn.
Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
The children’s playground at the park.
  •  Party: Oh yeah! You can bring your speaker, play the music as loud as you want and dance, dance, dance.



I didn’t pay anything, my transportation, feeding and entrance fee was taken care of by Bourgielife.

It’s advisable to go in groups or go with someone, it’s more fun.

We used taxify, four person each in the cab, the estimated price at the end of the trip was #4500. Entrance fee is #1000 for adult and #500 for children. You can haggle the price. It’s advisable you go with refreshments. The only thing sold at the park is drinks and snacks.

You will be given a tour guide to take you round the park, which is free and  you wouldn’t be charged to use anything in the park.

The park is open Monday to Saturday : 9:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday: 12:00noon – 6:00pm


I like Lufasi park, so many things to do! It’s more fun for me than Lekki Conservation Center.  At a point, the walkway to Eki forest looked like that of LCC but they are two way different parks.

The government should do more when it comes to tourism in this country. The tour guide showed us an uncompleted building which the government promised to build for them so as to have a school where environment education can be taught. But the building has been abandoned for three years now. Something should be done about it please, Imagine the jobs a school like that would have created.


Have you been to Lufasi park before? What are the things you did while there? And if you’ve not been there before, will you like to go?

If you are looking for trips like this without breaking a bank, you can always contact  Thebourgielife via mail:Thebourgilife@gmail.com or by clicking the blue text which will lead you to their Instagram and blog page.

Exploring Lufasi park with Thebourgielife.
Jadesola on black and the rest of the bourgie fam!!

4 Things To Do At Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park.

4 things to do at johnson jakande tinubu park

I was at Johnson Jakande Tinubu park on Saturday with a friend; I’ve been wanting to go to the park since it’s inaugural because I heard there was free wifi and to enter the park is free. Yaay, you all know I’m all for having fun without spending too much money. The park is actually nice for everybody especially lovers. If you are looking for a place to chill without spending too much on Val day which is about 3days away, this article is for you.

4 things to do at johnson jakande tinubu park

4 things to do at johnson jakande tinubu park

Quick history about the park before I dive into the four things you can do there.

The recreational park was unveiled by the present Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode to honour three former governors of Lagos Sate – Brig.Gen. Mobolaji Johnson (retd.), Alhaji Lateef Jakande and Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Johnson Jakande Tinubu park is located opposite Lagos State house of Assembly. You can read more about the park HERE.

Here are the four things you can do at the park:

  1. Take bombasss photos.

You’re surprised, right? Lol; I actually went there to take the bombass photos. I’ve been stalking LASPARK page on Instagram and I can see all the great photos posted on their page. The ambiance at the park is aesthetically pleasing and instagrammable. While there, I saw a wedding train and a fashion brand doing a photo shoot.

If you’re looking for a nice place to do a photo shoot at Ikeja, JJT park is the place to take those bombass pictures.

4 things to do at johnson jakande tinubu park

4 things to do at johnson jakande tinubu park

4 things to do at johnson jakande tinubu park

4 things to do at johnson jakande tinubu park


  1. Couples love-nest.

JJT park is a cool hangout spot for couples with love-nest to sit in. All you have to do is go along with your drinks and food, you can also get drinks and food from the food yard in the park if you’re team I can’t carry load like me. The ambiance will make whispering of sweet nothings enter bae’s ear.

4 things to do at johnson jakande tinubu park
Couple’s love nest at JJT Park.
4 things to do at johnson jakande tinubu park
The food yard at the park.


  1. Family hangout spot.

The park is more fun going with your families. There are fun activities the kids can do. Activities like play around the playground, the waterfall, and the swing. I love the fact that the park is very children friendly.

4 things to do at johnson jakande tinubu park
The playground at JJT park.
4 things to do at johnson jakande tinubu park
The swing.

4. Have a group picnic or retreat.

You can go there with groups of friends to have a picnic, retreat or a reunion. All you need is a mat, food and drinks and lots of games ideas.

4 things to do at johnson jakande tinubu park


Related Article: Daycation at Lekki Conservative Center.

Things I observed during my stay at the park :

  • The free WiFi was not working the day I visited the park, I don’t know about now.
  • The park opens from 7am and closes at 7pm according to the security guards I asked.
  • No entrance fee to enter the park and to also use any of the facilities there.
  • No parking space, we had to park opposite the park.

You can read more about what to do at JJT park on Fisayo’s blog.

Have you been to the park? What are the things you did there? And if you’ve not been there, will you like to go there?

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

I shared one of the quotes I live by recently on my social media and someone sent me a message that the quote is great but he has never heard it before. So this is me sharing some of the quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Quotes I live by.

Do you have any life quotes you live by? Share below, I want to add more to mine.

Ps: It’s the final day of my five days blog post challenge, you can read day one HERE, day two HERE, day three HERE, day four HERE. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. The love has been amazing, most of you went as far as posting the link on your social media. I’m so grateful, God bless you and I love ya’ll. Till Friday for another blog post.

You can keep in touch on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. Xoxo




The best life lesson I’ve learned.

The best life lesson I've learned.

The best life lesson I’ve learned has to be ”no one owes me anything”. I cannot even overemphasize this. If you’ve been following me on social media, both Instagram and Twitter I talk about this every time. I also talked about it in my completing and remembering 2017 article.

You might be wondering why I’m always talking about this. I had a very strong sense of entitlement all my life, until recently before I learned this life lesson. I used to be that girl who expects people to do things for her just because they are friends, family etc.

It took me a while  to know I have to go out there to do things for myself. While in college, I was given a meager amount of money monthly, and I was so bitter about the money and not really grateful I had someone to give me things . I lost my dad at an early age. I usually think my dad (my late dad’s brother) should take care of my responsibilities.

For so long I was so bitter about what he owes me, I refuse to see what I owe myself. It took a very long time for me to know he doesn’t owe me anything. God has just used him to take me to where I can stand on my feet.

I noticed so many of us are so fixated on what our parents, friends and family owe us we don’t realize what we owe ourselves. I noticed this sense of entitlement in some people and it’s really annoying. Get off that high horse, you are not entitled to anything you did not work hard  for. You can only be proud of what you have and did for yourself.

The best life lesson I've learned.

Things I did to stop feeling entitled.

  • Acknowledgement.

The first thing I did was to acknowledge the fact I had a sense of entitlement. I grew up fast and squashed the big bug in the room that almost ruined my life. I started doing things for myself by getting my hands dirty. I looked for ushering jobs to do during weekends to sustain my needs in college. I became so independent and I’m so proud of myself. Every little things I needed, I can take care of it.

  • Not expecting anything from anyone.

I don’t expect anyone to start giving me things I can do for myself. While looking for job after college, I did everything myself like I wrote HERE. I don’t expect any uncle to start helping me summit my CV. In fact, since I came out of college, I’ve been taking care of my bills. I don’t collect any dime from my family. The next phase of my education will be handled by me after my first year school fees has been paid. I’ve started sending my CV out for online jobs I can do as a content creator while in school, and I’m expecting good news with brands I’ve done interviews with.

  • Gratitude.

I became grateful for the privileges I had so far in life. I look around the world and there are some children who grew up in orphanage homes, war zones, refugee camps etc. I’ve had it easy in life compared to those kids and my sense of entitlement is pure selfishness.

  •  Self Discovery.

I discovered my passion, what makes me happy from inside out. I started seeing things I can do to make an impact in the world. There’s no way you discover what you are passionate about without leaving your high horse of entitlement behind. Discovering myself made me more aware of me, it gave me a chance to know what I owe myself and the world around me. I don’t want to be just another girl. I want to make a difference.

What’s the best life lesson you’ve learned? Drop a comment, I will like to learn from you as well.

 Ps: It’s day 4 of my 5 days blog post challenge, you can read day one HERE, day two HERE, day three HERE. Be here tomorrow for day five the final day.

Understanding the times of life in Adire Fabric.

Understanding the times of life in Adire fabric.

Understanding the times of life in Adire Fabric is a topic dear to my heart because this is me baring my soul out here. You’all know I’m all for making an impact and inspiring you, I always find a lesson in my struggles.

Understanding the times of life in Adire fabric.

Understanding the times of life in Adire Fabric

I got the news I’ve been admitted to school to continue my degree recently, I was not happy for so many irrelevant reasons.

My class mates in high school who I saw their pictures serving and those done with youth service working in multinational companies was the first thing that flashed through my mind. For a moment I forgot to be happy, I forgot to be thankful. I forgot what is called “seasons of life”. I was just plainly ungrateful; not remembering the wars I’ve fought and won. I forgot about my success and achievements.

Like a popular quote says “comparison is the killer of joy”. Truly; it is. Instead of been happy, I was very angry and sad. Angry at who you may ask? Angry at myself; the educational system of the country, the slow pace of my life. Mind you, I have an NCE degree but I was still ungrateful. What about those who have none?

I got a knock on my head by my younger brother; I can’t remember exactly what he said, but that completely changed my attitude. Like hey girl; why are you such an ingrate. Can you count slowly to how your life has been great? Compare it with your classmates like you were doing.

I saw the difference; my tears; my joy; my achievements; my journey, my story, my experience, my faith, my growth. This things shaped me. We aren’t made of the same stuff. Half of them probably wouldn’t even survive what I’ve survived.

I know better it’s okay if my classmates are doing better than me, there are times and seasons of life. And I will always clap whenever I see them winning. I’m grateful to God for the opportunities He has given me. He’s forever my loving father.


Understanding the times of life in Adire Fabric

Understanding the times of life in Adire Fabric.

Now you might be wondering what Adire fabric (tie and dye) has to do with understanding the times of life apart from the fact I’m wearing an adire top. I’ve known about Adire fabric since I was a little girl; I’ve seen it on my grandmother who I grew up with like I mentioned HERE. The only style I knew Adire fabrics were sew with then are iro & buba (wrapper & top), top, dress etc.

While researching about Adire fabric yesterday, I found out on Bellaafricana’s blog Adire fabric can be made with other things apart from clothing material. They can be creatively made with books, throw pillows, wall art, lamp stands etc.

Now what changed about Adire fabric in due time? And is the change not tremendous? From been used to sew clothing materials to been used to make other cool stuffs.

Growth, discovery, art and development, that’s the great change.

Like Adire fabric, ones life should consist of growth, new discoveries, etc. We should always strive for growth and be grateful. The only thing to be worried about is no growth.

Obviously, going back to school to bang that degree is growth for me. I’m embracing my growth. What’s your growth? And how are you embracing it? (comment below)

To so many people out there, it might be job, marriage, school and so many other things, I want you to know it’s okay if you don’t have those things now. There are times and seasons of life. If you understand this, I bet you will live better with the believe everything will come in place in due time.  Trust your hustle and trust God. You should know God do not have a time constraint.

Ps: It’s day 3 of my of my 5 days blog post challenge, you can read day one HERE and day two HERE

Be here tomorrow and don’t forget to drop your comment, share and enjoy! Xoxo.

Understanding the Understanding the times of life in Adire Fabric.


Adire top from my trip to Abeokuta.

Jeans / shoes- Balogun market.

Basket bag from Bar beach market also known as lekki art & craft market.

Sun glasses from road side vendor.


18 Fun Facts About me.

18 fun facts about me
Top/ thrifted, Jeans/ Thrifted, Shoe; Zara basics Bag/ Thrifted

18 fun facts about me has to be 18 because it’s 2018 guys. Ahhhh weird right? Ever since I saw the fun facts tag on Aminameendesign Instagram story and I tagged myself, I decided to do 18 fun facts about me.

18 fun facts about me.

18 fun facts about me.

1. I’m extremely shy and an introvert. It’s hard to believe because I look more like an outgoing type, coupled with the fact I like exploring new places.

2. I usually find it hard to sleep at night. I used to sleep a lot in my teenage years like I mentioned HERE. Wondered what changed.

3. I love traveling, one of the reasons I started this blog, so as to document my trips.

4. I’m still a student, though I just resumed University of Lagos Via Direct Entry. Many people do not know because I talk a lot about work.

5. I had plans of joining the missionary when I was 17years old. I filled the application form but I was not picked.

6. Truth be told, the only reason I wanted to join the Missionary was because I can travel around the world. Join a good cause.

7. I know I’m hardworking, my family members just assumed I’m very lazy especially when it comes to chores.

8. I don’t know how to talk too much, the only way I know how to express myself is through writing.

9. I can be extremely emotional, little things makes me cry.

10. My genotype is AS and it’s really weird I always end up falling in love with people of the same genotype.

11. I love love and I love watching Indian movies because of their mushy mushy love stories.

12. Sometimes I feel love and marriage is not for me because of number 10 (don’t let my family members see this please).

13. I used to be so uptight, I wouldn’t talk to anybody about my feelings, my family thought I was very weird and secretive. I think I’m more open now. I have this little space I share my thoughts, what inspires me and my ideas.

14. I eat a lot. I wonder why I’m still skinny.

15. Anytime I see a new naira note, I wouldn’t spend it till I run out of cash.

16. I prefer reading to watching movies.

17. I can’t keep up with series; till now it baffles me how people do it.

18. Sometimes, I like been alone with my thoughts.

18 fun facts about me.

Bonus fact: I’m too blunt! Help!!!! I need to know how not to be blunt

I will like to know more about you as well. Share one or more fun facts about you below.

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18 fun facts about me
Top/ thrifted, Jeans/ thrifted, Shoes/ Zara basics; Bag/ Thrifted.


How I got my Job.

How I got my job

I got my job exactly on 9th of January,2017. It’s my work-anniversary and I decided to do a post about it because how I got this job is what is called “GRACE”. I’m sharing this story hoping to inspire someone looking for a job, your time will definitely come. I discovered so many things on the job and had opportunities to travel which led to my blog name “Explorewithbusayo”. My trip HERE, HERE, and HERE was sponsored by my boss.


How I got my job

2016 wasn’t the best year for me. I just finished school that year, job hunting and thinking of what next in my life. Had interest in blogging and not knowing how to go about it. Even though google is my best friend.

I went for series of interviews, got jobs I will later spend all my salary for transport and also borrow money to continue to go to work. Though I was tempted to, I couldn’t take the jobs. Registered on so many online job platforms; in fact I should write a blog post on all the online adverts that turned out to be something else (indicate in the comment box if you want me to share). Getting frustrated, but continued submitting my CV and going for interviews. I spent all my savings in school on transport for job interviews. Y’all know how Lagos is now.

By November 2016, giving up and thinking of what to learn even though I’ve never had interest in any handiwork. A friend of mine sent me to an online store owner (I wouldn’t mention the name of the brand). I had an interview with the man and I was asked to start work the following week. I was so excited! It didn’t pay much but it was okay and it’s going to give me opportunity to learn more about online marketing since I have interest in blogging. It was very far from my house (kola to yaba) but I was still excited about my job, the distance couldn’t damper my mood. I called the whole clan. The baby girl is now a working class. Almost everyone who knows me already know I got a job.

I started work the following week like I was told. My first day at work was okay even though I had no prior training in online marketing.

Got home after a long day, told my family about my first day at work. I don’t usually sleep early and when I do, I will always wake up later at night.

This particular day, I slept early and woke up at night. First thing I checked was my phone (raise your hand if you’re guilty of this) and I saw a message from my new boss. It reads “Due to the financial crisis of the company, your services are no longer needed because we can’t pay you”.

See cold water on my burning heart. I was legitly angry! How could you let me start work in the first place when you know you can’t pay me.

I didn’t even want to start thinking of what to tell my clan I’ve bragged for, I just went back to sleep.

The next day, I showed my family the text message, they were rightly angry on my behalf (best support group ever).

Giving up was never an option.

I don’t know why but I didn’t really think much about my early termination; had this strong conviction in my heart that it’s not God’s plan for my life. I prayed, fasted and also went back to the online job sites I registered on and started applying for jobs. I felt bad for losing my one day job but I didn’t lose hope in ME.

A week after my termination, I was scrolling through Stella Dimoko Korkus blog and I saw a vacancy by PITMAN LAGOS (a recruitment agency) on her IHN. I applied for the job.

Mind you it’s December already, broke, frustrated and tired of it all. To top it all, it looks as if I wasn’t trying at all to some people. I went to the airport to start sharing my CV to companies, sent my CV to some uncle scratch my back and I will scratch yours (what I’ve gone through heh).

God did it.

God sent an angel in the form of PITMAN LAGOS; ( you guys should check them out, they offer professional courses. Did one with them and it was really hepful). I had forgotten I sent my CV to their mail, got a call from them for an interview with more than ten people, passed the first stage and was sent to the company who hired them with one other lady.

I was picked fam! My happiness was over the moon. The pay was more than my one day job, less transportation fee, and the side benefits are awesome. I was so looking forward to January 2017 I was asked to resume. I lost my phone that December like I mentioned HERE. The second day I lost my phone, I went to a friend’s house to check my mail for Pitman’s number so I wouldn’t loose my new job if they are not able to reach me. Thank God I don’t delete my mails. Got my company’s Admin number and I kept calling her till I resumed lol. I didn’t only get a good job, I got family.

The way I got this job enlightened me more on God’s timing in ones life. He did it for me at His right timing that was best for me. God timing is the best. I’m a living testimony. If you’re praying to God for something, hang on. Got gat you. Trust His timing and the process.

One other thing, while talking with my boss recently, she told me I was picked because of my past experience working with an event company. No matter what your experience has been in the past, always put it in your CV. Be truthful and don’t lie about your experience. Imagine if I had lied and at the end of the day, I was not able to do what I said I can do. Total disaster right. Just be you. There can never be anyone like you.



Top: Thrifted for #50 ( the viral top, the price does not matter. It’s your confidence, own that shit!)

Skirt: Forever21

Bag: Thrifted

Shoe: Lagos Island

How I got my job

Do you have a similar experience? Please share below. If it’s too long we can start a ”How I got my job” series. The aim is to inspire anyone looking for job. The unemployment phase is a very depressing phase.

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Daycation at Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Daycation at Abeokuta


My Daycation at abeokuta was really fun with my visit to Olumo rock, Kampala market, Obasanjo Olusegun Library and the ofada rice I couldn’t eat.

This post is long overdue. I spent the whole day at Abeokuta; ogun state on the 29th of December. But I couldn’t bring myself to write about it because my phone screen was really acting up during the trip and most of the pictures I took are not on my phone. Waiting more than two weeks and I still couldn’t get my pictures, I decided to use the ones on my phone.

I’ve been planning a weekend getaway to Abeokuta with my friends since September. But they always find a way to bail out at the last minute and I didn’t want to go alone. Talk about when your interests are not the same.

I’ve almost given up on traveling to Abeokuta because I didn’t see anyone to go with. Luckily for me; I was chatting with my blogger babe, Bolu one day and she said she has been itching to travel and I’ve also been itching to as well. That’s how the trip was planned yaay.

The highlight of the trip was my tour of Olumo rock. I’ve lived in Abeokuta while growing up.I was really young then, about 6years old and I’ve never been to Olumo rock.

We decided to meet at Olumo rock since she’s coming from Ibadan and I was coming from Lagos.

The transport fare was a bit high because of fuel scarcity then. ( I will do a budget breakdown of the trip at the end of the post).

Olumo Rock

Daycation at Abeokuta

To enter Olumo rock; #700 was paid as gate fee. And if you’re really adventurous like me; your adrenal will be pumping with the excitement of your upcoming adventure. I paid the gate fee, went in and called Bolu. Mind you, we are just meeting for the first time and it was really nice seeing her. It’s always great meeting people who share the same passion with you.

Daycation at Abeokuta
With Bolu

Daycation at Abeokuta

Bolu came with three of her friends and i went alone; making five of us. We got a tour guide to take us round.

Our first stop was the olumo rock art gallery . If you follow me on Instagram, you will know how crazy I am about art. I love every piece of art work that was displayed in the gallery. I wish I could buy some though. But they were unbelievably expensive. They even have Kampala; aso oke, basket bag etc. the basket bag I bought for #700 at bar beach market HERE was sold for #1000. I really wanted to buy adire top but it was too expensive for me (3000), which I later got for #700 at Kampala market.

Daycation at Abeokuta

Daycation at Abeokuta.

When we left the art gallery, we went to the other gallery {I can’t remember the name} where the history of Egba town (Abeokuta) was displayed. There were framed pictures like the first church in Nigeria located at Abeokuta, first mosque in Abeokuta, traditional soap, shea butter and so many other things.

We left the galllery and began the long hike to the mountain.

Daycation at Abeokuta
Photo for the gram before the long hike.

Our tour guide showed us some historical things of the Egba people. Like;

  • The  Dongoyaro tree: according to him; the tree leaves can be shew by someone who has malaria and the person will be healed; it can also be shew by anyone who has bad breath
  • We were shown the hideout of  Egba people during the war and how they came about the town name “Abeokuta” meaning “under the rock”

Daycation at Abeokuta

Daycation at Abeokuta

  • We were also shown the “medicinal water of the rock”. The water is said to have medicinal cure of ailments.

A lift can be used to get to the top of the mountain but as at the time we went there; it was not working. Heard it’s not been working for some years now.

Daycation at olumo rock
The lift at olumo rock

Apart from the lift; there are two ways to get to the top of the mountain;

  1. Through the staircase

The staircase is advisable for people with kids and those who do not like heights.

2.Through the old route

This is advisable to the more adventurous people like me lol. If you like adventures and you’re not scared of heights you can pass through the rocks to get to the top of Olumo rock. But while coming down, you can use the staircase.

Daycation at Abeokuta
The old route.

Passing through  the old route was thrilling for me; just that I had to pull off my sandals. It’s not advisable to wear sandals or slippers if you’re passing through a route like that. I didn’t go prepared, though I knew I shouldn’t wear sandal; I just don’t like the only sneakers I have.

Getting to the top of the mountain I’ve read and heard so much about, I felt I conquered a great feat. Abeokuta is definitely a beautiful city. The whole of Abeokuta and the first church in Nigeria can be seen from the top of the mountain.

Daycation at Abeokuta
Just admiring the works of God.

Daycation at Abeokuta

Kampala Market

I had plans of getting Adire top or material to sew. But the ones at the olumo art gallery were too expensive, so we decided to go to Adire market which is about 5 minutes away from Olumo rock.

Daycation at Abeokuta
Adire fabrics as seen at the market

There were so many beautiful Adire fabrics at the market. The Adire top I bought for myself was love at first time ( will do a fashion post on it later). We all bought different beautiful fabrics. And it was so cool to get them at a cheaper price compared to what they were calling for us at the gallery.

Daycation at Abeokuta.
Love at first sight Adire top

Olusegun Obasanjo Library

I was really looking forward to a visit to olusegun obasanjo library because I’ve heard so much about the library. But it’s really surprising no one mentioned the ridiculous amount they are charging for entrance fee.

The place is really big and I acknowledged the hard work and efforts that went into building that place. I actually thought it’s just a building where Baba’s life is displayed.

No one mentioned it’s an empire.

The place is so big we got lost and had to be asking people where the library is.

Daycation at Abeokuta
Quick photo while looking for the library


Daycation at Abeokuta
Found an art gallery while roamimg. A little secret, pictures are not allowed here.
Daycation at Abeokuta
The library was infront of us and we didn’t know.

As I mentioned earlier, we went during fuel scarcity time and the driver had to drop us at the second gate because there was a terrible traffic at the first gate due to the filling station nearby.

Going through the second gate, we saw the big reception hall, a hotel, a resort, a swimming pool, kids amusement park, a zoo, a bookshop, art gallery, a church, a mosque, and so many other places inside Olusegun Obasanjo Library. It’s quite a big place…We later found our way to tour and ticketing office through the help of a kind lady.

Daycation at Abeokuta

Excited about seeing the famous library. We were asked if we are students and with our school ID cards. My friends were with their ID card but I had none on me.

The lady at the reception told us with ID card is #3000 because they are trying to encourage educational tour (mouth wide opened). You mean you’re encouraging educational tour and your ticket is that high? Is okay! Continue.

I guessed for non students is going to be times two, but I still need to ask so as to give them benefit of doubt. And truly for adult is #6000. Okay now enjoy your library; it wasn’t budgeted lol.


  1. You can stay till 6pm at olumo rock; you can also go with foods, drinks and some music that’s if you’re in groups. Saw some group of people with these things while we were leaving.
  2. Don’t wear sandals or slippers if you’re going through the old road route.
  3. If you’re going with camera, please put it in your bag. Bolu camera was seen and she has to pay #1000 or more to enter the building with her camera.
  4. Go in groups. It’s more fun.
  5. If you really fancy Adire Frabics like me; please go to the Kampala market to buy it; it’s just 5minutes away from Olumo rock. Except if you’re OBO {omobabaolowo}, you can get it at olumo art gallery
  6. We were told pictures are not allowed in the art gallery but you can use your discretion to take photos. Welcome to the rule breakers club.
  7. The climb to the top of olumo rock is not a joking sturv please go with bottle water

Budget breakdown 

Entrance fee: #700

Transport: #2500

Nb: it’s this high because of the fuel scarcity and the #2500 covered all my waka; from Lagos to Olumo; olumo to Kampala market; Kampala market to obasanjo library and obasanjo library to Lagos.

Souvenirs: Adire #700

Feeding: I like eating foods peculiar to the culture of the place I’m exploring but I couldn’t get ofada rice; had to drink coke and gala #200 and the water I got while hiking #200.

Would have eaten at a grill house inside OBL but seems they like #3000 there.

Barbecue chicken and chips is #3000

I kept my money for a delicious asun and spaghetti at D’place.

Tour guide: #300

Ps: you can decide not to take a tour guide; but it’s more interesting with someone to point out everything to you. There’s also no fixed price to give the tour guides. You have to negotiate with him before the tour. We were 5 and we gave him #1500

Total cost = #4600

You can budget like #5000 or more because of feeding. Don’t be a junkie like me.

Have you been to Abeokuta before? And where are the places you visited? If you’re planning a daycation to Abeokuta, I hope my article has been able to help you with what to do at Abeokuta. 

Till next time lovies. You can keep in touch via my INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK