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The best advice for traveling with kids is for you if you’re planning to travel with your kids anytime soon. Maybe it’s time to take that cheap flights to USA or any part of the world.

Traveling alone as an adult is difficult enough but traveling with kids can be so stressful! Kids can be very hyperactive and carefree. Here are ten best advice to take note of when traveling with kids.

Book your ticket ahead of your trip.

There are so many great online flight booking site you can book your ticket like Travelstart. Ensure your ticket is booked prior to the trip with valid traveling documents.

Go early to the airport.

Remember it’s not your usual solo travel, please go early to the airport so the kids can be well settled before boarding the plane.


Explain to your kids what to expect during and after flight. Get your kids excited about the trip and let them know it’s a great adventure.

Pack games for the kids to play with.

I know how restless I can be as an adult if I have nothing to do on a long flight, not to talk of kids. Pack all sorts of fun games to keep them busy.


Go along with their favorite chocolates and other snacks to make them happy while playing their games.

Don’t pack snacks that will make them purge.

Research about your destination

Try to research about your destination to know what to pack, the clothes the kid can wear. The kind of weather they have the particular season you are going.


Ensure you pack drugs with your carry on luggage. You never can tell what may happen while on board. It’s better to be prepared.

Put your co-passengers into consideration.

Let’s be honest, kids plays a lot. Give them stern warning not to disturb other people on board.

Be wary of strangers. 

There are lots of perverts out there. Even if a stranger offered to help you with the kids; don’t leave them alone with the stranger. Keep an eye on them and watch their moods.

Create memories.

That’s the best part of traveling. Create lasting memories that they will still keep talking about years after. Memories can be created through photos, travel journal, postcard etc.

A Nigeria travel agency, Travelstart that deals with cheap flights, hotel reservations and car rentals recently created an info-graphic showing tips on how to travel with kids. See the info-graphic below;


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