Happy girls are the prettist

Hi lovies. Hope you had a great weekend, mine was just there, I couldn’t go anywhere, even the Gtb fashion weekend I have been planning for. I’m glad I was able to read some books though. I read two books: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and Good Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn. You should read these books guys.

So today I will be sharing 6 things i do to  pick myself up on a down day. There are days I wake up and I will feel so bad and rejected like I don’t want to keep going because I’m not getting results and not where I’m suppose to be. I believe we all at some points in our lives have these moments. Here are the six things I do to pick myself up;

  • Pray

Praying has been a drug I use most of my gloomy days. I don’t have to talk too much. I just pour my heart out to God, It’s been working for me. I could remember last year while I was searching for job and a friend of mine; who we did teaching practice together called to check up on me. We talked for some minutes and I was just lamenting about my joblessness. After he dropped the call, he sent a scripture to me and that single act opened my eyes to what I have before me that i haven’t noticed.

The scripture:

Matthew 11 vs 28; Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (NKJV). 

I love the way the message bible interpreted this, please check it out if you can. When I’m burned out, i turn to my father in heaven because He alone can handle my troubles.


  • Gratitude

I call these my down moments my ungrateful moments and that makes me think about everything I have that I’m ungrateful for. I start thinking of God’s love and grace towards my life. The purpose He kept me alive. The wonderful job I have and the wonderful people around me. My family and the good things that are coming my way. Gratitude for so many dangers that has been averted in my life. Gratitude for life itself, for His selfless love and so many good things of life I have enjoyed and these grateful heart alone makes a gloomy day look so bright.

  • Positivity

I know the way i woke up, I stay away from anything that will make me more angry, which can be so hard in Lagos. The bus drivers alone will frustrate one’s life. I surround myself with positive minded people. My colleagues in the office are sunshine of hope on gloomy days, they will always tell you things without even knowing they are inspiring you. I also use YouTube by going to my favorite channel; TED to listen to people who inspires me talk about their journey and how they overcome challenges.

  • Music

I listen to music on a down day to make myself laugh and dance. If I’m home and really down I put my phone on speaker and dance my heart out till I wouldn’t stop laughing at myself because I’m a bad dancer.

  • Outing

Having a gloomy day and staying indoor is a very bad idea. At times, I might not have any destination in mind, I just walk round if it’s a day I don’t have much cash on me,do window shopping and admire the good things of life around me.

If i do have cash on me, i take myself out for a drink or to the movies or even shopping. You don’t know the kind of magic pairs of jeans can perform lol.

  •  Travel

Even if the journey is just an hour from where I stay, I will travel to new territory, change environment and try to see life from a new angle. There was a time this year I was really depressed and that was when I decided to take my first trip to PortHarcourt. Taking that journey helped me in so many ways to clear my head and get clarity about my life.


Do you have more ways you keep yourself up on a down day? Please share, I would love to hear from you so as to learn more. What kind of stories would you love to read on this blog? Loking forward to hearing from you. xoxo 




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