Almost everyone of us is quite familiar with Harry Potter novel and movie.

I watched Harry Potter movie when I was a teenager . And I’m just getting to read the books, I started reading them last month. I didn’t get to learn the things I learnt while reading this book when I watched the movie. Though I love reading and also watching movies, reading has always been what I love doing more.

I have an habit of jotting down points while I read. These are the things I learnt while reading Harry Potter book:

* Choose your friends wisely:
Your friends can make you or destroy you. Harry Potter didn’t only make friends, he made friends who turned family. Ron and Hermione are definitely the kind of friends anyone can ask for. Friends who got your back anytime, any day, anywhere.

* Be humble and kind to everyone:
Harry Potter kindness saved him so many times. He did not treat the house elves like a servant. He treated many people with kindness and that’s why a lot of people can die for him.
I always believe humility is the highest value of any human being, with it you can learn from anybody.

* True love conquers all:
This is evident when Harry Potter’s mum laid down her life to save her son and that was what later saved Harry later on in life when he had to face the dark Lord.
I believe in true love.

* Power is dangerous, learn when to say No:
We all have something we desire, something we want above all things. Be it power or material things. It is good to want the good things of life. But when something you want with so much passion will hurt people, please let go.

* Be selfless:
I’m guilty of been selfish, thinking of myself when it comes to some things. Selfless is something I’m still learning and yearning. I admire Harry Potter’s selflessness going to meet Voldemort when he thought he was going to die, so as to save the people around him. I want to always think of other people’s feelings when I talk and do some certain things.


Have you read Harry Potter book? What life lessons did you learn??



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